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Open letter to Tony Blair

Open letter to Tony Blair
09 November 2004

Right Honourable, Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Britain
10 Downing Street,

Dear Tony Blair

Re: Your aggression in Iraq

Before your illegal war on Iraq and indiscriminate bombing of heavily populated areas, which resulted in massive human rights abuse, killing of innocent people, we cautioned you in a letter dated 07 April 2003, ‘that by this aggression you will create chaos and instability and you will give birth to future ‘terrorists’ as people will take revenge for barbarism unleashed in name of ‘liberation’. That has proved correct, and you can see how instable Iraq has become.

We also said that your aim was to invade Iraq for other reasons and so called threat of weapons of mass destruction was only used as an excuse. We pointed out that if you sincerely wanted to control spread of weapons of mass destruction then your first target should have been Israel followed by North Korea. We said you will never dare to take any actions against these states because they do possess these weapons and have the ability to use them as well; and you and Americans only choose weak targets.

It was also pointed out to you in a letter dated 08 May 2004, that: ‘this theory that one can end terrorism with more terrorism has not worked in the past and it is doomed to fail in Iraq as well, even though manipulators like Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Bush, Powel and Rumsfeld are subscribing to it and actively following it.’

In heart of heart you know what you are doing in Iraq in name of ‘liberation’ and ‘democracy’ is totally wrong, aim of your aggression was to find and destroy WMD, not to change a government whose head has now refused to follow your and American line.

As long as he looked after American and British interests, he was a ‘good boy’ in your books and was given everything including chemical and biological weapons. When he was killing ‘his own people’ and was fighting your war against Iran causing destruction and killing of innocent people, your governments fully supported him.

Now Sadam Hussain is blamed for killing his ‘own people’ and imprisoning thousands of Iraqis. Of course he imprisoned and killed all those who opposed his rule in Iraq, and we don’t support him for that; please tell me what are you doing to those who oppose British and American occupation in Iraq?

One can say that only difference is that he did not use a sledge hammer to crack a nut, meaning that he did not use F 16 fighters, helicopter gun ships, dropped bombs weighting 2000 pounds and missiles in densely populated cities.

Despite being proved wrong on Iraq and a ‘champion’ of illegal and immoral war in which victims are innocent Iraqi people, I am surprised you have nerve to say that only ‘criminals, killers and terrorists’ are creating problem in Iraq.

If fighting forces of occupation and subjugation is a ‘criminal’ act and ‘terrorism’ then what name would you give to those British people who fought against German occupation; or those Afghanis who fought against the Russian occupation?

Tony Blair, it is still not too late, you can stop or at least reduce the suffering of the people of Iraq. You don’t have to follow the Americans in international affairs. You could be proud in your heart that you are a friend or an ally of a ‘super power, but remember, Allah is the greatest and no super power could even remotely match His powers. Many tyrants and leaders in the past who assumed themselves as head of ‘super governments’ were punished by Him and destroyed.

You need to ask yourself, are people of Iraq better off after this aggression? Is world more safer place now? Are British interests and British lives safer now than they were before the start of this aggression?

With military might you can crush resistance in Faluja and in other places but you will never win peace because your prescription for achieving peace and democracy is flawed. You DONOT plant democracy by occupying a country, by dropping bombs in civilian areas and by killing innocent people.

We are part of British society and want to see peace and prosperity here, but we fear that your policies are having adverse affect here, and Britain could be a target of retaliation.

I hope that you will do your best to win peace and stability in Iraq and withdraw your forces that innocent British and Iraqi lives could be saved.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shabir Choudhry

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