Monday, 2 June 2008

Clinton Tour: JKLF delegation meets the US State Dept officials over

Clinton Tour: JKLF delegation meets the US State Dept officials overKashmir A Kashmiri pro-independence Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF)delegation has been in contact with Whitehouse in connection with USpresident Clinton's forthcoming tour of South Asia.

International delegation of the organisation comprising of organisation's UK president Shabir Choudray, Majid Tramboo, Abbas Butt from London andJKLF's former vice chairman Raja Muzafar their legal advisor in US AJazNiaz from New York made representation to the State Dept in Washingtonon friday and discussed in detail their suggestions for peace and theorganisations stand point on the issue of Kashmir.

JKLF's pro-active initiative in the week leading up to presidentClinton's historic visit to India and Pakistan is regarded as majordiplomaitc break through for Kashmiri protagonists working forre-unification and independence for Jammu-Kashmir.

The JKLF delegation made several proposal for peace and prosperity in the region andinsisted to the US State Dept officials that the will of the people ofJammu Kashmir was of paramount importance and that any proposal leadingto the solution of the issue must at the end involve the testing of theunfettered will of 13 million people of Jammu Kashmir.

They also insisted that US president must put pressure on India to releaseKashmiri political activist from Indian jails including the leaders ofthe All Party Hurriat Conference (APHC) and JKLF chairman MohammedYasin Malik who is suffering from an acute heart condition.

The US state dept officials meeting the JKLF delegation made the USposition clear on the issue of Kashmir by stating that entire State ofJammu-Kashmir was seen as a disputed territory and that Pakistan andIndia had to resume their dialogue in order to resolve this problemproblem in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmiris. The JKLFdelegation was briefed about President Clinton's tour of India andPakistan. T

he delegations re-iterated JKLF position for theunification and complete independence and made it clear that anysolution imposed upon the Kashmiris without their involvement would orany formula leading to the permanent division of the state would not beacceptable and that the JKLF would continue its struggle until itsobjectives were achieved.

The JKLF delegation warned that the sub-continent has come closer tonuclear conflict and that if the Kashmir issue was not resolved in theimmediate future the consequences could be disastrous for the regionand for the world. The JKLF emphasised on the need for PresidentClinton to meet an APHC delegation while in India and to organise aspecial fact finding mission to be sent to both sides of the so-calledLoC to determine the facts.

Commenting on the JKLF meeting with the State Dept officials, JKLFsecretary general, Azmat A Khan said today that while it was animportant break through for JKLF's diplomacy and efforts for the voiceof Kashmiris to be heard in important places he did not pin much hopestoward the resolution of the Kashmir issue during President Clinton'stour this time round but hoped that it would lead to measures being putin place for a tri-partite dialogue to resume soon which could delivera permanent and equitable solution to the costly issue of Kashmir whichhas been outstanding for over 5 decades.

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