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A reply to a Fake Man

Dear Kashnet readers aslamo alaykam and adab.

Some of you might have followed the debate which started as a result of my article ‘Why Indians are influential’? After explaining some of the achievements of the Indians abroad I emphasised that we Kashmiris abroad should stop giving receptions and parties to patwaris, inspectors and politicians who visit from back home; and use our resources to educate our children that they could become more competitive.

Some people get electrified when you associate anything good with India. They want India and Pakistan in a state of war all the time, as it suites their agenda. Others didn’t want Kashmiris from Azad Kashmir to be empowered by getting educated, as my message was to discard bad traditions and invest in future of their children. This group, which represents imperial powers and knows very well that it is easy to control and manipulate uneducated lot; and moreover they don’t their receptions and other perks to stop.

I said in one post that some people will criticise me no matter what I do, and even if I pray they will say folding of my hands was not correct. There are three reasons for this opposition: Personal dislike and personal matters, ideological differences and it brings bread and butter to the house.

If by criticising me it helps them to run their kitchen I don’t mind what they are saying about me.

I welcome criticism as long if it is not indecent. Also I respect all as long as they use their own names to express their opinion or criticise. Siraj Sahib criticised me – he was sincere in his criticism and even though he used some harsh words and I disagreed with him, I called him brother and respected his opinion. In return he realised his mistake, and as a decent man he apologised for his harsh words; and his image in my opinion and in opinion of others has enhanced ten fold.

Chankia Jee

What I dislike is people using fake Kashnet id’s to attack genuine people involved in the struggle. Chankia Jee, who is master of lies, deceit and back stabbing, has used many fake Id’s in the past to attack me and set me up for a fight with others. He is doing it again. I though he might change, but I was wrong, nature DOES NOT change. If Chankia Jee uses his own ID and ask me questions I will reply him appropriately.

In the past Chankia jee, by using fake ID, made some allegations against me and made it appear as if Barrister Majid Tramboo was doing it. He thought I would take the bait. I did not take, and simply replied that all allegations were unfounded and baseless.

Barrister Majid Tramboo and I worked as a team in the JKLF and worked very effectively. After differences he had his way and I had mine. I was angry as I thought he let me down (of course he has his own opinion on the matter), and wrote some articles explaining the situation in which he was attacked. He did not reply to any. He might have said wrong things about me in private meetings but he never said anything against me in public. So Chankia Jee once again I have to disappoint you and would not take the bait and attack some one who is not part of this debate.

However if Majid Tramboo wants to open a debate based on the issues raised by Fake Man, he is welcome. I know Majid Tramboo won’t do it, because we both know what facts are.

As far as this Fake Man is concerned he likes to twist words, tell lies and confuse people. He has been trained to do this. For example, I wrote: ‘More than 150 people joined us last month alone, and that is worrying to your bosses’. Fake man turned it around likce this: ‘You say 150 people have joined your email party in 240 days’.

Fake man, debate was intellectual and academic, as to why we are not so influential. You, because of your training and experience in deceit and spreading lies have turned it to a personal one. In my opinion it is unproductive although it helps to explain certain points, but you would love it as it helps to run your kitchen, but I have better things to do, so after this I would exercise restraint.


My books are available in all libraries in AJK. All college and university libraries in AJK and some High School libraries as well. Some of them have been translated from English to Urdu that people who don’t know English could also read them. They are with all Kashmiri nationalist leaders in AJK and Pakistan, all the nationalist political activists in AJK and Pakistan.

Many leaders, political activists and members of Kashnet have copies. Sardar Nasim Iqbal, a leader of JKLF and Head of Diplomatic Committee requested some books many months ago. He was given some books in Belgium in December 2008.

At the time of launching ceremony of my last book in Mirpur ‘If not self determination then what?’ (which was launched by Shaukat Maqbool Butt President of JKNLF) most of the leaders from Kashmiri nationalist parties were present, which included: Shaukat Maqbool Butt, Col Wajhat Mirza, former President of APNA, Col Nadir Hussain from Gilgit and Baltistan, Rauf Kashmiri, Chair of JKLF (Rauf Group), Sardar Ishtiaq, Secretary General JKPNP, Arif Shaihid Secretary General JKNLF, Abbas Butt, (President of JKLF at that time) now Chair of KNP, Professors Rafiq Bhatti, and many other professors from different colleges and AJK University who did appraisal of the book. Also some people representing NSF groups, and other Kashmiri political parties and leaders of civil society groups were present. There were more than 250 people present which included more than 70 ladies.

A book called ‘Different Perspective on Kashmir’ was launched by Professor Khaleeq who is head of JKNAP and known academic and a nationalist leader. He also wrote an introduction to the book. Shaukat Maqbool Butt wrote an introduction to another book. In this function once again all nationalist leaders were present; of course Amanullah Khan was not there because we don’t regard him nationalist anymore; but leaders of Yasin group were present and they addressed the gathering.

Another book, ‘Kashmir dispute as I see it’, was launched by a very prominent figure who is respected in Kashmiri politics and legal circles, Chief Justice Abdul Majid Malik. He was President of Liberation League. He is the one who gave the famous High Court decision on legal status of areas of Gilgita and Baltistan.

20 copies of my each book go to the USA Embassy, and other diplomatic missions also take copies according to their requirements. My new book titled, ‘Struggle for independence, Jihad or a proxy war’ is also published in December 2008. A prominent Parliamentarian Baroness Emma Nicholson who authored the Kashmir report (Kashmir: present situation and future prospects) which was passed by a thumping majority in the EU Parliament has written an introduction to this.

I don’t want to keep on talking about my work and books, all I would suggest to you is to change your residence – there is a limit to what you can see from the well.

Position of parties

As for position of JKLF Yasin and Aman groups are concerned I know their strength. Aman group on the Indian side of Kashmir exist only on papers; and those who march out with Yasin Malik are not his members but people who have grievances against India. They will join a demonstration of any party. If I don’t know Yasin groups structure and strength then who would. Man became adhoc Chair in 1995 and he continues with that position. There is no structure, no elections and no system of check and balance.

When I was President of JKLF Yasin group, I once phoned a very senior party leader and asked him how was the party doing. You know what he said: ‘the party is in jail these days’. Yasin was in jail at that time and as there was no structure or system in place, which he would not allow to develop because the system could limit his powers; hence that comment.

In AJK both Yasin group and Aman group are very weak on ground. Two years ago Aman group announced a public meeting in Mirpur (Nangi) in which only 18 people turned up and the meeting or ‘jalsa’ was cancelled.

Same is the situation with the Yasin group, names of both leaders, thanks to Pakistani media and help of agencies are there, but they are very weak on ground.

In UK Yasin group cannot get more than 12 people if they want to have a public meeting or demonstration. Once Aman group with help of their allies in pro Pakistan Alliance Rabta Committee once had a demonstration outside the Indian High Commission in which 14 people turned up. Ali Kiani, Allah bless his soul, as a Staff Reporter of daily Jang went to cover the demonstration. He commented: ‘in this Alliance (Rabta Committee) there are 11 parties, and there were 11 demonstrators it was understandable 1 person representing each party, but question is who were the remaining three’? So don’t go by what Pakistan media make it appear.

Hman Rights abuse on the Pakistani side

No one has ever said that same level of human rights abuse goes on in both parts of Kashmir. I gave reasons why there is less abuse on the Pakistani side, but emphasised that if people of AJK and Gilgit and Baltistan take gun from India and use it against Pakistan, as people of Indian side of Kashmir have done, then they will know what state oppression is.

Perhaps people can learn lessons of East Pakistan, FATA, Swat and other parts of Frontier where Jet fighters, tanks, artillery and helicopter gun ships are in action and anyone who is killed is declared a terrorist and ‘shar passend’ and those who die include children, women and old. Their houses are bulldozed and their crops are burnt and people are killed.

Indians have killed innocent people there is no doubt about it, and that cannot be justified by any civilised person. I am not ‘glorifying’ India but fact remains that even when they had almost lost the Valley in 1990/91, they did not use jet fighters or tanks to control militancy.

In response to human rights violations by some bad militants and by some Pakistani troops on this side of the LOC, Shafqat Inquilabi from Gilgit and Baltistan had strength of character and courage to explain what goes on there, while other nationalists from AJK and G&B are silent spectators. END

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