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Introduction by Professor Rafiq Bhattti to new book:

Introduction by Professor Rafiq Bhattti to new book:

The new dimensions of Kashmiri struggle

A prominent politician and author of European Parliament Kashmir Report – Present situation and future prospects, Baroness Emma Nicholson wrote an introduction to Dr Shabir Choudhry’s last book titled: ‘Struggle for independence, Proxy war or Jihad’. The book was very well received in various circles, and after great demand its translation in Urdu was published in July this year.

It was an honour for me to translate that book from English to Urdu, which has been appreciated by many quarters. I was further honoured when Dr Shabir Choudhry asked me to write an introduction to his new book: ‘The new dimensions of Kashmiri struggle’.

The new book is a collection of new articles written by Dr. Shabir Choudhry, a prominent Kashmiri scholar and political analyst. These articles are not slogans are emotional reflections but ground realities and facts which were willfully ignored to distort the legal and constitutional status of the former State of Jammu and Kashmir. The legal and constitutional distortions were intentionally and maliciously made by both Indian and Pakistani governments to suite their national interests.

Not only Indian and Pakistani governments played malicious role to exploit the resources of the State, but they promoted and supported such parties and politicians in the State who pleaded the cause of Indian and Pakistani agencies and establishments for their petty personal gains at the cost of national freedom and fundamental human rights assigned to the people of Jammu and Kashmir by the UN Charter, and our inherent right of self determination.

Dr. Shabir Choudhry whom I pronounce as the “Antina” and “Mobile Cell” of Kashmiri nation is a prolific and regular writer particularly on Kashmir dispute since many years. His writings are scientific and systematic. He is pro-people, pro peace and pro-Kashmir writer. His writings are based on reasons, prudence and rationality. He is a staunch believer in democracy, rule of law and social justice.

Although Dr. Shabir Choudhry is a political thinker, yet all his pen work is based on dignity of mankind, fundamental rights, social equality, economic justice and democratic ideals. He supports the cause of Kashmiri nation not because he himself is a Kashmiri, but because he believes in fundamental rights of people and democratic rights of all citizens. He strongly believes that forces which preach violence, terrorism, extremism and hatred must be opposed and defeated.

He is not an ‘armchair analyst’ or an ‘armchair scholar’. He has done extensive research on Jammu and Kashmir and India - Pakistan relations. He is considered as a leading authority on the subject and fully understands legal and constitutional position of the Kashmir dispute because of his study and in - depth knowledge of the legal documents which include the following important documents:

1. Transfer of power, 3 June 1947.
2. Cabinet Mission Memorandum.
3. Indian Independence Act 1947.

To re-enforce his arguments, Dr. Shabir Choudhry quotes many statements of the stake holders of the division of India i.e. British Government, Indian Congress leader and Muslim League Leaders, particularly. Transfer of Power, 3 June 1947, Cabinet Mission Memorandum and Indian Independence Act 1947 along with the policy statements of Lord Mountbatten, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and Muhammad Ali Jinnah are very crucial and relevant which Dr. Shabir Choudhry has mentioned with authenticity. These documents and statements give insight-into the legal and constitutional status of the former State of Jammu and Kashmir.

The book comprising of 45 articles is of great intellectual and practical significance for all those who believe in democracy, rule of law and social justice for the people of South Asia in particular and for the world in general. It will enlighten the astray young generation in Kashmir and will prick the bubble of “Ilhaq” and “Attot Ang”. Contents of the book, I believe, will also give food for thought to thinking people in India, Pakistan, Kashmir and overseas.

The facts about Kashmir dispute have been changed into fiction. This fiction is made part of curricula of schools, colleges and universities in both parts of the State controlled and occupied by India and Pakistan. The net-result is confusion and contradictions. It has damaged the genuine freedom struggle of the people of Jammu and Kashmir which was secular, democratic and pro-people. It has endangered the peace, prosperity and progress of this region.

In this book Dr. Shabir Choudhry has very eloquently and strongly condemned terrorism, extremism and sectarianism in all forms and manifestations. He is of firm belief that ultimate, safe and acceptable solution of Kashmir dispute is linked with free and fair will of the people of Jammu and Kashmir who are the principal party to this dispute. India and Pakistan must honour their national and international pledges made by their leaders. In one of his book, “Kashmir Needs a Change of Heart” Dr. Shabir Choudhry has very prudently explained as to what should be done for an honourable solution of this dispute.

Dr. Shabir Choudhry is an author of more than twenty five valuable books and booklets on Kashmir. He regularly writes very thought provoking articles about Kashmir to generate awareness among the new generation of Jammu and Kashmir. His articles are published, reproduced and referred in papers of international standing. He is neither against Pakistan nor India as interest oriented sections across LOC assume. As an acknowledged scholar of high caliber and integrity, he is often invited in different seminars and conferences at international level.

The literature produced by Dr. Shabir Choudhry has brought about a positive change. Those who have read him are better informed on various aspects of the Kashmir dispute. They appreciate his wisdom, analytical, rational and balanced approach on the topic. He has managed to present a Kashmiri view point and has successfully countered the propaganda of extremists and that of India and Pakistan.

Many ‘Kashmir watchers’ and students who want to know facts about the Kashmir dispute very often contact his publisher Muhammad Rafiq Khawaja, Chief Executive of Kashar Printers and request books of Dr Shabir Choudhry. He has persuaded many to abandon extremist ideas and support peaceful solution of the Kashmir dispute through a process of dialogue.

This book, I hope, will help the readers to comprehend the contemporary requisites of Kashmir dispute; promote rights of people and strengthen those forces who believe in peace, tolerance and rule of law. I suggest all sections of Kashmiris to read it between lines and avail its rational.

Professor Muhammad Rafiq Bhatti
Principal Shah Hamdaan College, Mirpur
November 2009

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Hello Sir,
Waiting for your article on election of Gilgit Baltistan.

And explaination as to if AJK and GB take part in pakistani elections and if jammu udhampur and ladhak dosent complain of Indian system then isn't the so called freedom struggle is confined to to the valley? and its mere exploitation of emotions of common man and feeding in the politics of the 3 giant countries and spreading venom of discontent in what is now third generation.