Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Riots after rigged elections in Gilgit Baltistan

Riots after rigged elections in Gilgit Baltistan
London, 22 December 2009

Elections were held today, 21 December 2009, in LA19, District Ghizer, to elect member for Gilgit Baltistan Assembly.

Front runner in this election was Nawaz Naji, a leader of National Balwaristan Front. It was widely believed that Nawaz Naji would win this seat with a big margin. Through out the day all the poles and reports from all 12 poling stations indicated that Nawaz Naji was leading the poles. Up till 8pm at night it was declared that Nawaz Naji was leading the poles.

Supporters of Nawaz Naji were preparing for celebrations when, to surprise of everyone, at 9pm it was declared that Peoples Party candidate Pir Saeed Karam Ali Shah has won the elections.

This news resulted in a strong protest by supporters of Nawaz Naji in various localities. The police and Rangers responded by firing at the protesters which killed on person and injured.

This further infuriated the angry people and they have started attacking official government building and public property. The situation is very tensed and supporters of Nawaz Naji fear for life of their leader and other senior political activists.

The protesters reject Pakistani style of democracy in Gilgit Baltistan and demanded new elections.

Shafqat Inquilabi, a leader of BNF while talking to Dr Shabir Choudhry on phone said, ‘All those who love democracy and believe in human rights of people must protest against this attack on fundamental rights of people, and oppose Pakistani imperialist design in Gilgit Baltisan’.

He further said, ‘He would hold a press conference in Muzaffarabad (tomorrow 23 December) to expose the rigging and Pakistani oppression in Gilgit Baltistan.

Those who want to get more information or express support, they can reach Shafqat Inquilabi on this number: 0092- 436 5100 270

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