Sunday, 17 January 2010

KNP concerned over growing extremism in PAK.

KNP concerned over growing extremism in PAK.
London 17 January 2010

Kashmir National Party leader Dr Shabir Choudhry expressed great concern over growing extremism in Pakistani Administered Kashmir. He said, “People of our region are suffering because of wrong policies of Pakistani agencies which continued unhindered in this area for many years ago”.

KNP leader said, “It was a deliberate policy of Pakistani agencies to promote policies of extremism and they exported terrorism in disguise of Jihad for many years and now those policies have come to haunt them”.

Dr Shabir Choudhry said, “Our region is peaceful and terrorism and suicide bombing are alien to our culture and society. Because of policy of extremism our people in Pakistani Administered Kashmir have suffered continued harassment and humiliation for many years”.

KNP leader further said, “How could you effectively fight war on terrorism when secret agencies are still funding and supporting jihadi groups in certain parts, especially in parts of Pakistani Administered Kashmir”.

Dr Shabir Choudhry said,“In mountains of Pakistani Administered Kashmir there were still militant camps which espouse terrorism in name of jihad and it is special breed of Islam which they want to impose on people. This sect of Islam has their followers in all areas of Pakistani Administered Kashmir and in Pakistan; and it was they who are responsible for these suicide attacks in Pakistani Administered Kashmir”.

KNP leader also expressed his serious anger on the growing acts of harassment and victimisation in Pakistani Administered Kashmir, where authorities have unleashed state terror on peaceful demonstrations in Muzaffarabad and in Kotli.

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