Tuesday, 16 March 2010

KNP delegation meets Indian Minister

KNP delegation meets Indian Minister
London 16 March 2010

Kashmir National Party leaders held a meeting with Syed Asif Ibrahim, Minister Coordination at the High Commission of India in London. The meeting took place on Wednesday at the India House in London.

KNP is the first political party which is based in England and in Pakistani Administered Kashmir to have openly met the Indian officials. Aim of the meeting was to start a process of dialogue, as we are the main party to the dispute and we want to take this initiative to contact all the countries who are directly connected with the Kashmir dispute.

The meeting discussed various issues related to the Kashmir dispute and peace and security of South Asia. The meeting discussed issues related to terrorism, extremism, communalism and human rights; and looked at ways of promoting the peace process and building bridges of understanding.

The meeting also looked at the problems of people of Jammu and Kashmir on both sides of the LOC; and problems of Kashmiri Diaspora and how to facilitate the visa process that the people of the State could interact with each other. It was emphasised that Kashmiri culture of peace, tolerance and coexistence should be promoted.

The KNP delegation fully supported the peace process between India and Pakistan as that is the only way forward to resolve disputes. However, they emphasised that the Kashmir dispute is not bilateral in nature; hence the people of Jammu and Kashmir must be made part of the peace process.

The KNP delegation said the Kashmir dispute is not religious, but political in nature. The KNP believes in liberal, democratic and secular politics and wants to support all those forces which believe in the above ideals.

The KNP delegation consisted of the following: Abbas Butt, Ch Sarwar Hussain, Nawaz Majid, Asim Mirza, Syed Zil - E – Naqvi and Dr Shabir Choudhry. END

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Anonymous said...

I noticed that there is no mention of response from Indian Minister.

Also any indication of follow up process is also missing.

Moreover, the delegation aparently didnt mention that what KNP role is in Kashmir Struggle and where it stands in the overall picture of the freedom struggle. and what is the extent and volume of support base.