Monday, 14 June 2010

Dogs are very loyal to human beings

Aslamo alaykam Shabana Bashir

You have hatred of the Indian army, is it because of the human rights violation in Kashmir or is it because they are Indians?

I suppose you hate them because of human rights abuse. I also hate those who kill innocent people and torture them.

Have you cared to find out what percentage of human rights abuse is attributed to the Indian Army? Do you know apart from the Indian army, Border Security Force, Rashatria Rifles, Task Force, Special Operations Group and the Kashmiri Police are also involved in this?

I don't know how many Muslims are there in the Indian army, but I know that Task Force, SOG and Kashmir Police consist of Kashmiri Muslims; and at one time the Task Force was the biggest culprit of human rights abuses in Kashmir.

So is it ok to call them dogs because of human rights violations. What would you call those Pakistani army men who committed massive human rights abuses in East Pakistan, against their own people and Muslims? And what would you call those Pakistani army men who still kill and torture Muslims in Swat and various parts of FATA by using F16 and helicopter gun ships?

And what would you call human rights abuses committed by the Pakistani army and secret agencies, though at a lesser scale than the Valley in the Pakistani Administered Kashmir?

Dogs are very loyal to human beings, I am not sure if it is appropriate to give their example to explain despicable behaviour of men whether they are in uniform or in civilian clothes.

My point is that as a civilised person you should not use words like dogs, as hatred breeds more hatred.

Dr Shabir Choudhry

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