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Let this not happen with Baluchistan

Let this not happen with Baluchistan
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Let this not happen with Baluchistan

We always create conspiracy theories about any suffered incident.. We blame India and Bengali leadership responsible for the separation of East Pakistan but never blame ourselves..we always do this for hiding route causes and our faults.
The route cause of separation of East Pakistan is exploitation of Bengalis..There are some major Facts:
•Urdu was imposed over their Bengali language, they always opposed it..
•They were deprived of Govt Jobs.
•Bureaucracy was imposed on them from West Pakistan Even Governors of East Pakistan were exported from West Pakistan.
•Majority of Military and civil bureaucracy was from west Pakistan.
•They were economically exploited, a large ratio of income from East Pakistan was being spent in west Pakistan.
•What was the role of AL-Shams and Al-Badar?
•why Mujeeb was not allowed to establish his Government ,beside the fact he was having majority?
•whenever u r exploiting the People , obviously you are giving a good chance to the Forces against your how can we blame only India?
•I am sorry to say,the role of Our Army was same as we see now in Baluchistan.
The circumstances are same as during separation of East Pakistan and now in Baluchistan, our Govts of different times always have been giving bonuses and rarities to tribal Chiefs ,they did nothing for poor Baluchistan. More than 80 percent population of the largest and richest province is deprived of their basic needs. I visited several times, you can even find people who even don’t know what electricity is…They travel for miles to get few glasses of drinking water which is always impure and causes diseases..

Are we not repeating blunders of our Past ????

Sarmad Aziz,
NSF Lahore.

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