Sunday, 20 March 2011

Non Kashmiris must come out to oppose forces of extremism, terrorism and hate

Non Kashmiris must come out to oppose forces of extremism, terrorism and hate

Seminar on Kashmir dispute and role of China, Warwick Hotel Geneva on 16 March 2011

Speech by Cynthia Poyton, Political Coordinator of Friends of Kashmir National Party

Mr Chairman and honourable guests

I am grateful to you for providing me with this opportunity to express my views to this august gathering.

As you can see I am not a Kashmiri, I am from Indonesia, but I support Kashmiri peoples struggle for their fundamental rights and right to determine their own future without any fear or intimidation.

My Kashmir friends have told me about problems in their country. I understand Jammu and Kashmir is forcibly divided. I know people are suffering on both sides of the divide and human rights are taking place.

As a political activist and someone who believes in fundamental rights, rule of law and equality for all I strongly condemn all human rights abuses. Also I condemn all those who promote extremism, violence and terrorism, as that is not the way forward.

Mr Chairman

Disputes cannot be resolved by use of gun or by promoting extremism or by advancing religious intolerance and hate against others. People of Jammu and Kashmir deserve to live in peace and with dignity; and that could only be achieved if people of Jammu and Kashmir are allowed to exercise their right of self determination and enjoy fruits of democracy.

People of Jammu and Kashmir, as you know, are suffering since 1947. Their country is divided. Their economic resources are exploited by those who control them. Kashmir dispute should be resolved through a process of dialogue between India, Pakistan and people of Jammu and Kashmir.

In other words there are three parties to the dispute; and it is difficult to reach a solution which is acceptable to all parties. If China is also made part of the Kashmir dispute that means they will also be part of the dialogue. China is a powerful country with their own interest and their own agenda; and their involvement in this dispute will only make matters worse.

I can’t understand why people want to make China a part of the Kashmir dispute? Do they want to resolve the Kashmir dispute or further complicate it? In my opinion, all those who are sincere in having peace and stability in Jammu and Kashmir and in South Asia, they should ensure that China is kept out of this dispute. They should make sure that all those who preach violence and hatred must be opposed

I am political coordinator of Friends of Kashmir National Party. I support their struggle for rights of people of Jammu and Kashmir. I think it is important that non Kashmiris also come out and support those people who oppose forces of extremism, terrorism and hate; and those who want to have peace and stability in Jammu and Kashmir and in the region.

Mr Chairman, I thank you for your patience.

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