Friday, 24 June 2011

Pak, India agree to build mutual trust, confidence

Pak, India agree to build mutual trust, confidence

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Secretary level talks between Pakistan and Indian have concluded, Geo News reported. The two-day talks focused on peace and security including CBM’s, Jammu and Kashmir and promotion of friendly exchanges. Three sessions of talks were held.

According to the joint statement, the talks were held in a frank and cordial atmosphere. Both sides reiterated their intention to carry forward the dialogue process in a constructive and purposeful manner. The issues of Peace and Security, including CBMs, were discussed in a comprehensive manner. Both sides emphasized the importance of constructive dialogue to promote mutual understanding.

They decided to convene separate Expert level meetings on Nuclear and Conventional CBMs to discuss implementation and strengthening of existing arrangements and to consider additional measures, which are mutually acceptable, to build trust and confidence and promote peace and security. The dates for the Expert level meetings will be determined through diplomatic channels.

The Foreign Secretaries noted that both countries recognize that terrorism poses a continuing threat to peace and security and they reiterated the firm and undiluted commitment of the two countries to fight and eliminate this scourge in all its forms and manifestations. They agreed on the need to strengthen cooperation on counter-terrorism.

The Foreign Secretaries exchanged views on the issue of Jammu & Kashmir and agreed to continue discussions in a purposeful and forward looking manner with the view to finding a peaceful solution by narrowing divergences and building convergences.

Both sides agreed to convene a meeting of the Working Group on Cross-LoC CBMs to recommend measures for strengthening and streamlining the existing trade and travel arrangements across the LoC and propose modalities for introducing additional Cross-LoC CBMs. The Working Group will meet in July 2011.

Both sides agreed to the need for promoting friendly exchanges between the two countries. They noted with satisfaction the progress made towards finalisation of the Visa Agreement, which will help liberalise the visa regime and facilitate people-to-people, business-to-business and sports contacts.

The two sides also discussed measures for promoting cooperation in various fields including, facilitating visits to religious shrines, media exchanges, holding of sports tournaments and cessation of hostile propaganda against each other.

The Foreign Secretaries agreed that people of the two countries are at the heart of the relationship and that humanitarian issues should be accorded priority and treated with sensitivity. The Foreign Secretaries will meet again in New Delhi, on a date to be decided through diplomatic channels, to prepare for the meeting of the Foreign/External Affairs Ministers in New Delhi in July 2011.

Speaking during the joint press conference Indian Foreign Secretary Nirumpama Roa said that dialogue would be used to resolve issues between the two countries. Pakistani Foreign Secretary Salma Bashir said that terrorism was a cause of concern for both nations.

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Anonymous said...

When insurgency begin in IAK, the reasaon given was rigged election of 1987.

Now everyone recognize that recently concluded election in AJK was pre decided and driven by establishment and of course rigged.

Simple question is isn't it hypocrisy, duplicity and blatant case paritality.

Its more than obvious and proven that Pakistan is more into exploiting religion and sentiment of Kashmiri but Kashmiri always support them.

Will it be wrong to say that Kashmiri deserve the fate of Pakistanis?

They dont want progress of co-existence but by supporting war-mongers pakistani they have proven that they too are war mongers.

I fee suffocating when somebody talks about "kashmiriyat" it sounds like extinct species.