Thursday, 5 January 2012


Dr Sajid Chairman Kashmir Canada Freedom Forum
One could surprise to see such comments from a person like me who stood all years long to defend JKLF and Amman sb,but when things get to a point where you cannot give even the benefit of doubt to leadership actions, then ,this is better to call a spade a spade.Amman sb fell pray to ISI tactices in 1990 leading to the ist blood drawn from JKLF cadre.In 1996 the present ISI sponsored chairman Mr Malik ,collaborated with RAW to get himself out from behind the bars,and JKLF witnessed another division among its ranks.But over the period of years Mr Malik succeffully developed ties with ISI and helped them promoting their agenda under the guise of national liberation and is now, ISI darling from last few years.
I wrote earlier when MR Fai,ISI agent in USA got exposed. that ISI will try to find other alternates,and infact she did,when ISI approached Ammanullah khan to bring Mr Malik on board to give him not only more weight but, to slaughter, all those elements within the ranks of JKLF who challage both India and Pakistan in the same tune and don,t look towards Dehli or Islamabad for personal aggrandizement.

What Mr Fai was doing in USA is not a secret.So could I ask Mr Malik or Amman sb
1-Is JKLF is struggling for accession to Pakistan?
2-Is this ok to be on ISI pay roll at the cost of your idealogy?
3-Why should not, Abdul Qayom khan, Chaudary Ghulam Abbas and Atique khan should be national heros for JKLF,because they are doing the same what Mr FAi was doing ,I mean struggling for accesion of Kashmir to Pakistan.

So here is the difference between the approach and idealogy of Mr Malik ,Mr Amman and the rest of nationalist forces in Kashmir
1- these two people are calling Mr Fai a hero,where as we nationalist consider him an agent of an occupational force.
2-these two people are extremely valley centric that is why neither Amman sb made any concrete progress in Gilgit Baltistan nor Mr Malik did any thing in Ladakh or Jammu.
3-neither Amman sb speaks agaist injustices in GB and AK nor Malik speaks agaist Pakistani injustices in AK or GB.
Dr Sajid
Chairman Kashmir Canada Freedom Forum

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