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Yasin Malik challenged by Dr Shabir Choudhry writes to Memogate Chairman for hearing

Yasin Malik challenged by Dr Shabir Choudhry writes to Memogate Chairman for hearing
Date: 26 March 2012

To Chairman Memogate Commission
Islamabad High Court

Dear Sir

1. My name is Dr Shabir Choudhry and I live in England. I am a very dedicated and true political activist; and have a long association with the Kashmiri struggle. I have been part of the Kashmiri struggle since 1973. I am one of the founders of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front; and have held responsible posts, including the posts of Secretary General and President of JKLF.

2. Also I am Diplomatic Head of Kashmir National Party, Director Institute of Kashmir Affairs, a writer, political analyst and author of more than forty books and booklets on different aspects of Jammu and Kashmir, terrorism, Jihad and India Pakistan relations.

3. According to a Kashmiri newspaper Sada e Chanar report (internet link provided http://www.sadaechanar.com/pages/page1.php?category=kash), Mr Yasin Malik, a Chairman of one group of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front stated to the Memogate Commission that Mansoor Ijaz and I, Shabir Choudhry, urged him to meet RAW Chief; and that he did not meet him.

4. Sir, Yasin Malik was not a party to Memogate enquiry, and he was granted a right to appear before the Commission when Mansoor Ijaz claimed that he arranged a meeting between him (Yasin Malik) and RAW Deputy Chief.

5. Sir, now that Yasin Malik has tarnished my name and reputation by implicating me in his bundle of lies, I should also be given an opportunity to put forward my side of the story. I am willing to travel to Islamabad on a short notice and present my case.

6. Sir, I strongly feel that the enquiry will not be complete without hearing my version of the events, especially when my name is mentioned in the Memogate Commission enquiry; and a person who is habitual liar and has come forward to do someone’s bidding and mislead the Commission with his lies.

7. Sir, you might know that Yasin Malik was a trained ISI militant who started militancy in Kashmir with help of his bosses in Pakistan; and who later surrendered his gun to Indian RAW and became a ‘politician’ after gaining some ‘training’ in a Farm House near New Delhi. Once he was on board with the Indian agencies and the Indian establishment, he began to preach Gandhi style politics; and was ‘launched’ in the Delhi Conference in which Mansoor Ijaz was also present.

8. Buzzword in the Conference was that the whole show was arranged to honour and ‘launch’ Yasin Malik on a ‘national stage’. It must be remembered that the Conference titled “Next Steps in Jammu and Kashmir: Give Peace A Chance” was jointly organised by an Indian Think Tank ‘International Centre for Peace Initiatives’; and Pakistani Think Tank ‘Institute of Regional Studies’, headed by Brigadier Bashir Ahmed. Reliable sources confirm that Yasin Malik might have had many meetings with RAW senior officers to be selected for this ‘honour’, where he was presented as a special guest.

9. I attended the Conference as the President of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front; and Yasin Malik was the Chairman. If for a moment we accept Yasin Malik’s assertion that I urged him to meet RAW Chief; then it surely links me with the Indian Intelligence. A question may be asked what action did he take against me after ‘discovering’ this fact.

10. Not only I continued to serve the JKLF as the President until I decided not to contest the next elections, also Yasin Malik was my guest when he visited Britain in 2001; and I made arrangements for most of his meetings with various people, Think Tanks and the British Government officials.

11. Furthermore, when I decided no to contest the forthcoming elections of the JKLF due to my research and academic work, Yasin Malik urged me to continue as the President. I declined his request and did not contest the elections.

12. However, what does that speak about Yasin Malik’s allegation – either he is a liar, which he is; or he was also hooked by the RAW.

13. He claims that people have been killed because of allegation against them of being RAW agents; and because of this threat he wants to clear his name. If what he says is true, then clearly the killers cannot be the Indian army or their secret agencies, as they will not kill their own agents who protect and promote Indian interest. Inherent meaning of that is, Yasin Malik is accusing Pakistani agencies for killing Kashmiri people who are accused of being ‘RAW agents’.

14. Furthermore, if Yasin Malik is accused of being a ‘RAW agent’ (ironically, former JKLF Chairman and present Chief Executive of JKLF Mr Amanullah Khan also accused Yasin Malik of being a ‘Raw agent’ when he expelled him from the JKLF in 1995), then he should have presented himself in the court of people of Jammu and Kashmir rather than running to Islamabad to give explanations to the Pakistani establishment.

15. Sir, Mansoor Ijaz might have lied about other issues regarding the Memogate, but as far as Delhi Kashmir Conference is concerned whatever he has said is true. It is Yasin Malik who is telling lies. Apart form me there were many other Kashmiri leaders present in that Kashmir Conference; and I solemnly and sincerely confirm that Mansoor Ijaz did not use foul language for the people of Kashmir.

16. However, he said that Kashmir dispute should be resolved by a process of dialogue; but because of ‘petro dollars’ coming from the Middle Eastern states some people are hurdle in the peace process.

17. Mansoor Ijaz’s assertion upset Yasin Malik and some other people from the Valley of Kashmir. Some of them went to attack him. I ran out from the audience to protect Mansoor Ijaz. At no time Yasin Malik threw his shoe at Mansoor Ijaz, which he claims to have done.

18. Even if that was true, what does it speak of Yasin Malik who is presented by a powerful lobby as a leader? This street boy attitude speaks volumes about his character and personality. It shows he is intolerant and not a suitable person to be engaged in a process of dialogue. Civilised people and especially sensible leaders listen to views of other people, put forward their view point logically and do not throw shoes at others or intimidate and harass opponents.

19. Sir, in view of all the above, I request you to allow me to present my case before the Commission; and unlike Yasin Malik, I will present my case in open session.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully

Dr Shabir Choudhry

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