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Conspiracy against Kashmir National Party

Conspiracy against Kashmir National Party Dr Shabir Choudhry 29 June 2012 Kashmir National Party is comparatively a new party; but it has left a lasting mark on thinking of the Kashmiri politics. It courageously articulated policies that were logical and practical and were best to promote true nationalist struggle for unification and liberation of the entire State of Jammu and Kashmir For example: The KNP said the Kashmiri struggle was not religious or jihad of Muslims against other ethnic groups of Jammu and Kashmir; There was no military solution to the Kashmir dispute and that the struggle should be peaceful, as the gun has only brought disaster to the people and the Kashmiri polity; and it would give excuse to the occupiers to crush us; The entire State of Jammu and Kashmir was disputed and enslaved; and those who are occupied by India should struggle against that occupation and those who are occupied by Pakistan should struggle against the Pakistani occupation; The KNP strongly advocated that those who advocated this policy that all of us should first liberate the Valley was a policy given by one occupier and fundamental objective of that policy was to focus attention over there and keep attention away from the areas occupied on this side of the Line of Control. These policies were obviously disliked and strongly opposed by people and groups with vested interest; and those who made this struggle in to a business. First they started a malicious campaign against the KNP senior leaders by levelling illogical and totally baseless allegations against them. Later on they encouraged and manipulated a split in the ranks of the KNP by using tribalism as a weapon. Some people, once again, were manipulated in name of ‘unity’. The KNP leaders, and even those who subsequent left the KNP strongly believed that there could be no unity with them because they were not sincere with the cause of united and independent Jammu and Kashmir and were only advancing the interests of secret agencies. Despite these strong views some people were wooed to leave the KNP in name of unity; and KNP Treasurer wrote the following letter to the KNP Chairman Abbas Butt and sent me a copy of that: from: QuicPrint quicprint@btinternet.com reply-to: QuicPrint to: DrShabirChoudhry, AbbasButt date: 23 February 2012 14:21 subject: Resignation salam I, Muhammad Masoom Ansari, am resigning from the membership of KNP. And I have no relations to this party any more. I think this is the need of the time that we should be united for the bigger cause which is (independance) of the Kashmir and we all should forget our internal disagreements and should be united. The aim of my life is to struggle for the (independance) for the Kashmir and i will continue in my rest of my life. Wasalam Muhammad Masoom Ansari Author of this letter, as one can see from the letter, is not that educated. He is very gullible and one phone call from call can change his thinking, hence his role was confined to collection of funds in the KNP, as he is not dishonest in these matters. His other colleagues who left the KNP also had a meeting with the KNP Chairman in presence of Zubair Ansari, who is their relative. They said they wanted to leave the KNP. The KNP Chairman said if you have decided to leave I could not stop you; but let us depart like civilised people and as friends – no one will issue any statements. It was agreed that these two people will also leave the KNP; and they will go as friends and without causing any bitterness. Perhaps, when they discussed this matter with those who were pulling the strings from behind, they were told you are fools by leaving peacefully, and without causing problems. You have to do something to damage the KNP; and credibility of its top leadership. So a conspiracy was hatched to expel me by making allegations and by saying that what Dr Shabir Choudhry was writing and promoting, was causing problems in the KNP and in the movement; and that was why some people left – reference was the above letter of resignation. The Zonal President of KNP expelled me, and as he had no such right to do that, the Chairman challenged his statement. The Zonal President issued another statement saying that he had expelled the Chairman as well. This was like a foot constable expelling IG Police. Many people laughed at this absurd statement. The former KNP Treasurer was appointed the new ‘Chairman’ of 3 men of ‘rebel’ KNP. If people see the letter of resignation of the KNP former Treasurer, it does not say that he left the KNP because of my policies; if anything he sent me his resignation. If a Zonal President was legally allowed to expel anyone then he would have been in a position to accept resignations as well. Both KNP Zonal President and the Treasurer lived in Birmingham and they are relatives as well, yet the Treasurer did not send his resignation to the Zonal President, because he knew he was not the person to accept or reject resignations of the Central leaders. He had no right to expel any central leaders. There is a procedure in place to expel people. First, a charge sheet is given to the person concerned. He is given a right to defend himself in the Supreme Council. The letter of resignation also speaks volumes about thinking, personality and character of the individuals involved – they voluntarily left the KNP, and then on instructions of someone agreed to become a ‘Chairman’ of a ‘rebel’ party. Those who were pulling strings from behind wanted to create problems for the KNP. They knew the people they were using did not have what it takes to become a leader or a true political activist. In any case, they had no desire to promote them as leaders, so within few weeks they realised that three men bandwagon could not continue in the name of the KNP; and cause the real KNP anymore damage, especially when all three of them were not educated, and were not capable of speaking to media or send out statements. Hired people could only do so much. So they were told to join another party, which they did without any hesitation, and they called it a ‘merger’; and the biggest achievement of the past decades. The fact that this 3 men ‘merger’’ was given so much publicity itself shows that there was a lobby with a vested interest to damage the KNP and its struggle. They were propagating that the KNP had merged. Even today, on 29 June 2012, someone from the Valley of Kashmir asked me if the KNP had finished and if I also had ‘merged’. My reply is, no, we have not merged. How can we merge with those who have caused so much damage to the struggle of united and independent Jammu and Kashmir; who have communalised the nationalist struggle; and who were used as proxies by one occupier against the other occupier and called it a ‘nationalism’ to confuse people. We are here to stay and expose all those who have betrayed our Movement and those who have run it like a business and caused enormous miseries to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. After these 3 people left and ‘merged’, within a week the KNP Chairman went to Birmingham and set up very active branch. In the meeting, there were more than 80 people present. Those who left the KNP were never in a position to muster so many people in any meeting. The KNP Birmingham branch President Basharat Khan Raja is very dedicated and active man, and within days he has made his presence felt; and we hope he will help us to promote the cause of united and independent Jammu and Kashmir. I know some people don’t like me because what I promote; and I am their main target. I know for sure, what I promote is demand of the genuine struggle for an independent Jammu and Kashmir. People who want the status quo to continue can manipulate or fool some simple people; but they cannot manipulate everyone. More and more people are appreciating our message and I am moved by the fact that none Kashmiris are also appreciating what we do. After reading my views on Jammu and Kashmir, a non- Kashmir, Gene Rossano, whom I have never met in my life, wrote on 24 June 2012: ‘Such truth is wonderful to read! All interested in the future freedom and independence of Jammu and Kashmir should read, understand and preach this same doctrine….It is refreshing to witness the truth from dedication. Your detractors never seem to be able to muster up any truth or facts so they become like barking dogs behind a strong and high fence, noisy with big teeth but no threat whatsoever. Please continue your most important work on behalf of your people in J&K….You are absolutely correct. I completely understand the concept and the meaning of a “mission”. Happy to be associated with you, Shabir Choudhry!’ These words are much more to me then criticism of some hired people. Gene Rossano is not a Kashmiri, and he has no axe to grind. He has no personal agenda on situation of Jammu and Kashmir, but after reading and analysing different comments and articles on the subject he came to the conclusion that what we promoted was the correct policy and the way forward to resolve the Kashmir dispute; and counter those who promote petty interests and encourage extremism, violence and hatred. He expressed his happiness to be associated with us, my hat off to him for speaking truth and for providing us this moral support, when many were sitting on the fence watching. Our message is loud and clear, despite all the problems and hurdles created by those who are threatened by our policies, the KNP is here to stay and fight for the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Long live struggle for democratic, liberal and an independent jammu and Kashmir and long live KNP. Writer is a political analyst and author of many books and booklets. Also he is Director Institute of Kashmir Affairs. Email:drshabirchoudhry@gmail.com View: www.drshabirchoudhry.blogspot.com www.k4kashmir.com

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