Saturday, 12 January 2013

KNP demand immediate release of guest Kashmiri leader from Jammu.

KNP demand immediate release of guest Kashmiri leader from Jammu.
 London       12 January 2013

Pakistan’s secret agency, ISI known for its gross human rights violations has arrested Darvindar Sing Behal while he was entering Pakistan from Mirpur on the Mangla Bridge. Darvindar Sing Behal entered Pakistan on a valid visit visa, but who cares about valid visa in POK and in land of pure. Another Kashmiri leader Arif Shahid was also taken by the ISI.

Vijay Abrol and Darvinder Singh Behal are peace loving people from Jammu and wanted to promote good will and better understanding among the forcibly divided people. They entered Pakistan on a valid visit visa and attended various functions arranged by the local people in their honour.

The message Darvinder Singh Behal and his colleague gave was very encouraging and advanced the cause of peace and unity. Darvinder Singh Behal said, ‘We people of Jammu and Kashmir are one nation; and we want to be united and live as a nation.’ He said, ‘Attempts are being made to divide us in name of religion. We are one and must remain one.’

‘Hurriyet Conference does not represent people of Jammu and Kashmir, at best they represent people of the Valley of Kashmir,’ he added.

Ifzal Suleria, Zonal President of Kashmir National Party, while talking to Dr Shabir Choudhry said: ‘Darvinder Singh Behal’s message was very well received by all peace loving people here; but those who promoted communalism and hatred did not like this message. ISI did not like their presence and their message and wanted to punish them and deter others to visit POK’.

Ifzal Suleria further said, during Darvinder Singh Behal’s stay in Muzaffarabad  he had a number of phone calls from secret agencies and their tone was intimidating. KNP with help of other parties held a peaceful protest in Muzaffarabad and demanded immediate release of Darvinder Singh Behal and Arif Shahid.

Darvinder Singh Behal was our guest and what ISI has done is against Islamic laws and the UN Resolutions which grant us a right of travel. It is also against international law; and even against Pakistan’s own laws; but does the ISI care for any laws?

All freedom loving people, human rights activists and human rights organisation must act now to save lives of these people.

KNP leaders, Abbas Butt, Zubair Ansari, Sarwar Hussain, Basharat Khan, Asim Mirza, Nawaz Majid, Yasin Anjum, Ishtiaq Hussain, Abdul Ghaffar Shapal, Sabir Hussain and others strongly condemn this act and demand immediate release of Darvinder Singh Behal and Arif Shahid.
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