Sunday, 5 May 2013

13 year child kidnapped and killed, fear prevail amid demands of justice

13 year child kidnapped and killed, fear prevail amid demands of justice
London, 5 May 2013
People of Azad Kashmir are extremely worried about growing incident of rapes of young girls and kidnapping and killing of young children.

In one such incident a 13 years old boy, Faheem, son of Manga Khan, belonging to village Kathaar Majwari, district Dadyal was kidnapped from outside his school for the purpose of ransom. The culprits were surrounded in the area of Gulpora near Kotli, and fearing their arrest they killed the young innocent boy.

The incident happened on Monday, 29 April and sent shock waves in the entire region. The kidnapping was carried out for the purpose of ransom. Although the culprits are arrested, but no prosecution or serious action against them has yet begun; and local people fear that they might be released due to influence and power of these people.
With this prospect, parents are so afraid that they have stopped sending their children to schools; and local people have demanded urgent action against the culprits that no one in future could dare to commit this kind of heinous crime

A local welfare organisation, Sada e Haq arranged a demonstration and demanded a stern action against the culprits, and urged that the police and law enforcing institutions should take appropriate and urgent action in this regard.

Also local business people arranged a demonstration today and demanded urgent action. They said that the Chief Justice of the High Court is empowered to initiate a fast track judicial process to provide justice to the victims and eliminate fear and intimidation.

Lala Malik, whose son was a class mate of the victim, phoned Dr Shabir Choudhry and provided this information; and requested the Kashmiri diaspora to support their just cause.

Masoom Ansari, a former Birmingham Councillor and a community leader said, the British Kashmiris must play their role and should write to relevant authorities and High Court Chief Justice that appropriate action could be taken against the culprits. He said, Chief Justice should take Suo Moto action to provide justice.

Masoom Ansari further said, because of this insecurity and fear children are missing out on their education; and the British Kashmiris have stopped sending their children to Azad Kashmir because of the safety issue. In the past many Pakistani and Azad Kashmiri children were kidnapped for ransom purposes.

Issued by Dr Shabir Choudhry

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