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Bitter facts about Choudihry Rehmat Ali

Bitter facts about Choudihry Rehmat Ali

1.    Choudhry Rehmat Ali was the first person to coin the word Pakistan in his booklet, ‘Now or Never, We are to Live or Perish for Ever’.

2.    This booklet was published from the Cambridge University on 28 January 1933, and he presented it to Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

3.    Mohammed Ali Jinnah after reading it called it ‘a fool’s dream’.

4.    Mohammed Ali Jinnah reiterated that he would continue with his mission of forging a unity between Muslims and non Muslims.

5.    Later on Mohammed Ali Jinnah championed the cause of Pakistan, but abandoned it for a short period when he accepted the Cabinet Mission Plan in 1946.

6.    After creation of Pakistan, in April 1948, Choudhry Rehmat Ali also moved to Pakistan – a land of his dream.

7.    However, he soon developed some differences with the Muslim League government; and he was ordered by the government to leave Pakistan.

8.    He left Pakistan in October 1948 and settled in England, where he died on 3 February 1951.

9.    No one was there to even take responsibility for his funeral. This duty was performed by a Professor of the Cambridge University and he was buried on 20 February in a grave yard on New Market Road, Cambridge.

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