Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Polite request to all, Dr Shabir Choudhry

Polite request to all, Dr Shabir Choudhry

1.    Please note we all have views on JK politics and its future. Depending on our studies, knowledge, experience and political affiliation, we like and dislike certain people in struggle.

2.    All leaders of JK, past and present are human beings; and all are subject to make mistakes. No Kashmiri leader or political activist is infallible. When they make a mistake we have every right to criticise them, oppose them, ask questions or remain quiet.

3.    We live in era of propaganda, those citizens of JK who genuinely dislike our politics and ideology; or those who have loyalty with the forces of occupation may try to side with them, and discredit political workers and leaders.

4.    In this regard, some and NOT all journalists could be used to attack certain leaders and parties to confuse people and harm our struggle for unification and independence.

5.    When we hear or read some negative story, we should wait until facts are out instead of jumping on the propaganda bandwagon, and use foul language and accuse the alleged people with ‘treachery’ and being some one’s ‘agent’. By having this attitude, trust me, you are not serving the cause of JK; you are only helping those who are occupying us.

6.    Let me ask a question, if those seeking accession to Pakistan are loyal citizens of JK, then why those seeking accession to India are ‘traitors’? Remember, we have more than 35% non Muslims in the State of JK; and many Muslims also don’t want to join Pakistan.

7.    Maqbool Butt has his place in history of JK, and our criticism will not affect that status; but there are many citizens of JK (from Ladakh, GB, Jammu) who may not have very positive view of Maqbool Butt. Are we going to call all of them ‘traitors’, and expel them from JK, or kill them?

8.    We need to be tolerant, benevolent and accommodate critics; and that is fundamental requirement of a plural society.

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