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Exclusive interview of Nawaz khan Naji on geopolitical situation of region

 Exclusive interview of Nawaz khan Naji on geopolitical situation of region

Exclusive Interview with Nawaz Khan Naji ( founder, supreme head of Balawaristan national front and member of Gilgit Baltistan legislative Assembly GBLA)

Nawaz Khan Naji is the founding-fathers and avant-garde of nationalist politics in GB. He heads a nationalist party – Balawaristan National Front (BNF). Elected to the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) from district Ghizar in 2010. He believes that; GB requires people with capability, honesty and trained in political field – Capability doesn’t work without honesty, and vice versa.
He shares his views with us on bureaucracy and politics in GB. Here are the excerpts.

Ejaz Karim: There is a common perception that you are anti-Pakistan – not accepting the system, but you contested election and took oath with a Pakistan’s imposed order 2009, why?

Nawaz Khan Naji: First of all you talk about the system – Give me a break…! Do you accept Ghandi is a liberator of India…? If No, that is different thing – if yes, then which British law he worked against…? He was very loyal to the British law since the beginning. Mr. Jinnah either don’t accept founder of Pakistan. If you think Jinnah is founding-father of Pakistan then which British law he worked against…?
And, yes I don’t accept the Pakistan. It doesn’t mean this road is constructed by government of Pakistan – block the road. Electricity is provided by Pakistan then stop using the electricity and so on… According to the United Nation Commission of India and Pakistan (UNCIP) Resolution, 1948 government of Pakistan is bound to provide all the fundamental and necessaries of life to people of GB It is our political right to contest election from union council to the Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA).

I often explained that GB has a separate status. GB is a party and part of Jammu and Kashmir. According, to the UNCIP GB is under control of Pakistan until decision of the Kashmir. It means GB is a disputed territory and it is legally under control of Pakistan according to the resolution. Now we can say GB is defective part of Pakistan not effective and constitutional part of Pakistan. Therefore I am loyal to Pakistan with the condition of GB. I said before taking oath that I am a citizen of GB. GB is under control of Pakistan according to the UNCIP.  It means if in future GB will become constitutional part of Pakistan then my loyalty will be automatically extend to Pakistan, if GB will separate from Pakistan my loyalty with the GB not with Pakistan. It should be clear.

EK: What do you say about the powers of GBLA, representatives and package 2009?

NKN: Well, I personally think that the current assembly is not true representation and it’s no more than a deception with people of GB. According to my knowledge PKR 28 billion has given to GB government by Islamabad. Unfortunately, you can’t show the work of PKR 28 lakh from Siachine to Shandur.
Despite, the extreme opponent of Pakistan People Party (PPP), I agree some extend that they delivered money and power to GBLA, almost equal to Baluchistan and KPK assembly. Of course, this paradigm shift in Pakistan’s policy toward GB occurred – because of struggle of nationalists, struggle of BNF, and international pressure on Pakistan.
Although, I agree the given package is not a constitutional but an administrative package. In terms of powers this [Assembly] is more than the political conditions we have! We are not competent enough to exercise the limited powers devolved by Islamabad – because of [bad governance and mismanagement] we had to admit that we are not only incompetent but also dishonest. People always allege that the ruling party has been supported by the Establishment. Take opposition party or party with third majority in the assembly, all are same [incompetent, corrupt, and deceitful]. Here is a structural-flaw in bureaucracy, in political system… everywhere.
Since the day one i am the only person – who fought against the package. No single political party questioned the package – PML-N, Jamat-e-islami, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam or even independent candidate remained silent. I was questioned if you are against the package why you contested election? I have been clarified during my election campaign and in the assembly often – that is we are working for battement not dilapidation. We struggle to change and taking the system toward a right direction and betterment. We don’t want to sabotage the existing system. So we are against it to transform the system…. Our struggle will be within the assembly and outside the assembly as well. If we go to the assembly that will be a voice of public and it would have a legal position but not outside.

EK: Why bureaucracy is so powerful in GB and what do you say particularly about Chief Secretary Sajjad Saleem Hotiana?  

NKN: Well, bureaucracy is powerful since the era of ignorance…! In my opinion British and the West is hypocrite….They made different law for themselves and something else for their Colonies. For example they introduced bed – tea and concept of bed – man only in Hindustan and that is not culture there in the Britain. Moreover, Pakistan got independence in a colonial system and that system could not change until now and particularly due to incapable political leaders of Pakistan and GB – bureaucracy is considered superior, powerful, and superman.
During PPP government [Establishment] strengthened the Secretariat to control over corrupt politicians….We also want a proper check and balance over corrupt politicians and bureaucrats – otherwise this region will be looted further. People of GB send their representatives to make a check and balance over bureaucracy but the representatives’ works for bureaucrats on commission of 5 and 10%. Secondly, either of   grade 1 or 22 s/he is public servant. S/He should work like a servant and should not try to be a master of the public.

Regarding, [Mr. Hotiana] he tried to become a political person. He went publically addresses people and acted like a political person. Legally he was wrong — how many criminals – who looted public money punished by Mr. Hotiana? How much looted money he recovered? How much justice provided to common people? He served in GB for almost six months and he availed more than 150 PIA tickets from Gilgit to Islamabad. So he was involved in corruption in GB. We don’t need such reformers in the regions. He never sits in his office; I never meet him in six months as member of the assembly. He has no right to address the public. He is a servant he should try to become a good servant. This is not only for Hotiana but only for all bureaucrats working in GB. In-fact, everything is possible when rulers will be capable and charismatic.

EK: How do you see next five years of Nawaz Sharif and what do you suggest regarding GB?

NKN: As a representative of people of GB, I will appeal rulers of Pakistan and establishment of Pakistan to make a transparent system, at least try to make a process of check and balance.  I don’t have any doubt on intensions of Nawaz Sharif. I am clear opponent of PMLN and I don’t have any business and concern with them. If they want to do something for this region – first they should control over the massive leakage through corruption then add something [resources, money etc].
One thing I particularly want to emphasize here that is; we have been berated Pakistan for not people-centered and tyrannical policies for 67 years – now we realized that if 10% of total amount came from Islamabad would have spent then GB was Switzerland. Massive corruption has been done by Pakistani bureaucrats in GB and remaining was by the local bureaucrats, ministers and Politicians.

EK: Do you any plan of making alliance with progressive and nationalist parties for elections 2015. So you would be able to play a major role?  

Well, we made alliance not only with progressive and nationalists but also religious-political parties like Jammat-e-Islami in past. We made alliance with PPP and PMLN in Gilgit Baltistan National Alliance (GBNA) in 2001. Before that we made an open alliance of all political parties of GB in 90s, but all went useless…
Lets me clear one thing, our political party [BNF] – its roots are not existed outside GB, it’s our assertion. Secondly, neither we have any relations with internal nor external agency/ establishment…You can see in Kashmir – one nationalist party claims that it will liberate Kashmir from Pakistan, but it has commitment with Indian RAW to deliver Kashmir to India. Similarly, there are parties working to liberate Kashmir from India and deliver it to Pakistan. Therefore neither Kashmir got independence nor will it. Now we don’t want to see this situation in GB. We want indigenous struggle and we believe in it. We have fixed our destination of our separate status and we are moving toward it…..What is problem in BNF why progressive people don’t join us? If they don’t come with us then they are our opponent and we think it’s useless to sit with opponent.

EK: Why a Nationalist movement in GB, why not a (Socialist) progressive movement?

Socialism is a wonderful ideology and I like it personally. We should prioritize first thing first…Identity is our big issue and we need an identity before a system. Of course, it would not fruitful to be independent State without declaring our political and economic system…
Progressives of GB should not castigate on nationalists – why not PPP, PMLN and other federalist parties? We should avoid creating hurdles in work of a particularly party. We believe that without fundamental rights no economic system can run and to achieve fundamental rights, nationalism is the only way. We want rights of common citizens of the world not more than that.

EK: Any message for youth of GB
Well, I believe in youth only. I don’t have trust on above 40. Our present struggle is for coming generation of this nation, and it is their responsibility to take the movement forward to at its last end. I don’t want to be a hero and this is not an eve to be! I am looking toward youth for a hero, I am a peasant of future hero of Balawaristan and I am making feasibility for him.

BNF has outlined everything; at what extent we can tolerate Pakistan, India and International community in GB and vice-versa. BNF did its best and yet people question over it. I am asking youth of the GB to follow us you will not get political angel.

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