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AN OPEN LETTER TO, JKNAP WORKERS ALL OVER THE WORLD. Is it a Change of Narrative or a Shift in Policy? by Sajjad Raja

Is it a Change of Narrative or a Shift in Policy? by Sajjad Raja
I Hope Someone from JKNAP could answer !
Indian Prime Minister Narindera Modi is arriving in the UK on 13th November 2015.
Former Prime Minister of POK Barrister Sultan Chaudhary has given a call to protest against Indian atrocities in IOJK and unlawful Indian occupation of JK.

All Pakistani political parties, traditional pro Pakistan parties of POJK and most of the Nationalist parties have welcomed this protest call and have announced to join this protest.

Barrister Sultan is the most corrupt politician of POJK and his whole political life is marred with scandals and strange manoeuvres. He started his political career from AMC platform, then merged his party with LL to raise his political stature. Then he paid millions of dollars to PPP and merged LL into PPP and sought assurance to become premier in POJK. He served full 5 years term in office, but as his party couldn't win next general elections, he tried to join PML N. But they didn't entertain him and as he was exposed, he made his own party to be called PML. He kept on trying to join either PML N or PPP but they didn't trust him because of his dishonesty. Later on somehow PPP gave him a second chance, he was hopeful to become either President or PM of POJK, but he failed as the party didn't trust him. He kept on doing the horse trading and tried many times to topple down his own party's government but couldn't succeed. He even joined hands with MC to enter into government at one stage but failed.

His 2014 Kashmiries Million March in London is very notorious, where he tried to please Bilawal Zardari and in return to grab POJK premiership, but this show was disrupted by POJK government and Barrister Sultan Chaudhary was badly exosed. He had left no place in the government. At this he used his long time ally Lord Nazir Ahmed to convince Imran Khan to take him into his party. Imran Khan after seeking some guarantees took him into his party and made him president of POJK branch of his party.

Barrister Sultan has held tens of protests in the US, UK and Europe in past 30 years in the name of Kashmir issue and his protests have produced such drastic results for Kashmir issue that the UN struck out the issue from the list of it's unsolved International disputes and has declared Kashmir issue as a mutual dispute between India and Pakistan.

In fact Barrister Sultan has throughout been paid by Pakistan government for all these protests and Barrister has tried to prove to the world that Kashmir Issue is a dispute between India and Pakistan and that in this dispute Kashmiries side with Pakistan.

The march which was organised outside the UN on 25th October 2015 raised very loud slogans of Kashmir Banay Ga Pakistan. Barrister Sultan and other organisers were paid $3.5 Million for this March.
The London Protest is sponsored by Pakistan government and the agenda is to protest against India to show to the world that Kashmiries are with Pakistan and against India.
Unfortunately my political party JKNAP has decided to join hands with Barrister Sultan and thus to play in Pakistani hands.
I do not and cannot approve this political blunder and ideological suicide by JKNAP. And hence publicly denounce this unwise and hypocritical decision.
I joined JKNSF in 1978 and since then remained associated with JKNSF and JKNAP. That's a long long period of 37 years. It's two third of my whole life. And after these 37 years today I feel ideologically deceived and politically betrayed.
We have been educated not to even take part in the ordinary street programmes of the parties associated with Pakistani establishment. We have always been protesting against Barrister Sultan and POJK government for their anti people, undemocratic and anti state policies.
But now I am unable to understand why and how this principled stand of JKNAP and JKNSF has been changed. What has made my party to change their narrative? Why this shift in Policy against the basic principles of JKNAP constitution has been approved?
I could have swallowed this bitter pill had there been any protest by JKNAP against Nawaz Sharif as he recently visited London after introducing National Action Plan in POJK. Under this plan, most of the Nationalist literature has been confiscated by authorities in POJK. Publishers and Printers of this literature have been arrested under this plan and people are really terrified in POJK because of this draconian law. Our people have no rights whatsoever in POJK, we are barred to take part in elections there, Muzaffarabad is controlled by Paki Chief Secretary who has established the most corrupt government of the world in Muzaffarabad, but JKNAP never bathered to protest against any Pakistani Prime Minister's visit. So why to protest against Modi then? Why to join hands with Barrister Sultan and Pakistan?
In fact today I feel my whole political life has been ruined by my party.
This is simply Muslim Nationalism. The Nationalism for which we have always opposed JKLF. Today I see no difference among JKLF, PPP AJK, PML N AJK, JI AJK, PTI AJK and JKNAP.
My political party has taken stance to liberate Kashmir from Hindu majority India on the basis of religion and by doing so my party has played joke on half a million deaths of innocent citizens in 1947. My party has in fact cut off links with entire non Muslim population of JK. Jammu and Ladakh today have been practically deceived by my Secular and Progressive Party.
What is the Justification behind all this policy shift?
Would someone explain it to me?
There is no justification and no rationalisation of these drastic policy decisions.
Thus I condemn my party for changing it's secular face and for stamping the division of JK on the basis of religion.
Sajjad Raja
Founder Member National al Council JKNAP
Former Coordinator IC JKNAP
Former President JKNAP UK.

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