Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Base Camp of Azad Kashmir

Base Camp of Azad Kashmir
We should refrain calling so called Azad Kashmir a ‘Base Camp’, as this phrase was coined by Pakistan with intention of giving this false impression to people of this region that you are Azad – independent; and the areas under India were occupied.
Furthermore, we should not speak about problems of Azad Kashmir, because this is a ‘Base Camp’, and we are in a state of war, where people have of pay sacrifices.
All our efforts should be directed against India. We should only speak about suffering of the people on the Indian side of the divided. If we also speak about problems of Azad Kashmir that will divert the attention away from the Indian side; and is tantamount to helping India.
We should condemn and oppose all human rights abuses no matter where they take place.

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