Wednesday, 11 May 2016

New NRO has to take place to save Pakistan, Dr Shabir Choudhry

New NRO has to take place to save Pakistan
Dr Shabir Choudhry

It is debatable if Pakistan was created to advance the cause of Islam; but the past history proves that certain groups of people are always above the law and it looks Pakistan was created for them.
Pakistan has not only advanced in fields of nuclear technology and missile system; they have also excelled in art of committing and hiding tracks in fields of corruption, nepotism, extremism, terrorism and so on.

Their misdeeds, rampant corruption, regionalism, sectarianism and export of terrorism have, once again, led the country to the verge of collapse. Neighbours of Pakistan, including America, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and other friends want Pakistan to survive as a nation state.
However, Pakistani politicians, religious groups and the ruling elite are more interested in saving and advancing their interests at the cost of the interests of Pakistan.

The Panama leaks have made Pakistan more vulnerable and exposed corruption of nearly all sections of the Pakistani society. Some politicians and media have hyped the Panama gate so much that people want some answers.

Recent revelations prove that in the pool of corruption nearly all are naked. Then question arises, who would carry out strict accountability which will surely result in drowning together. That is something the ruling elite cannot afford.

In view of the above scenario, it is most probable that to save the system and to save each other a new NRO is worked out. Under the new NRO, across the board accountability will take place in such a scientific way that no one will be found guilty.

This will lead to new elections and the system will continue functioning.

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