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Memorandum presented to Nawaz Sharif Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan on Black Day

Memorandum presented to Nawaz Sharif Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan on Black Day    London          23 October 2016
Dear brother in Islam, Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan may Allah’s mercy be on you.
1.     Whereas, as you know, Islam associates great importance on honouring agreements; it is sad to note that Islamic Republic of Pakistan openly and aggressively violated the Standstill Agreement which the Maharaja Hari Singh, as an independent Ruler of Jammu and Kashmir State concluded with Pakistan. Almighty Allah commands:
Oh people of faith, honour your pledges’. 1
2.      Whilst Islam rightly attaches great importance on saving human life and saving dignity of women and old, it pains me to point out that those who attacked our motherland – Jammu and Kashmir on 22 October 1947, looted and plundered our cities, villages and killed innocent people, burnt our shops and houses, kidnapped women and raped them. It adds to our suffering that all this was done in name of Islam and jihad.
We are sure you know Islam says: If you kill one innocent human being that is as if you have killed the entire humanity. During this unprovoked aggression which was designed to capture Kashmir, tens of thousands of innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir were mercilessly butchered; even women and old were not spared.
We wonder who will be held responsible for all these killings, rapes, kidnappings and forced conversions on the Day of Judgement. Our beloved Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him commanded:
‘Do not break your pledges, do not mutilate dead bodies, and do not kill children’. 2
3.     Although Islam says respect rights of neighbours, however, we sadly note that our Muslim neighbour, contrary to the teaching of Islam and civilised behaviour, has always exploited us, abused us, created problems for us, curbed our fundamental rights; and initiated such policies that aggravated the already bad situation and added to our misery and suffering.

4.     Being strongly of the opinion that all our current problems are related to that unwise and unwarranted attack of 22 October 1947; as it forcibly divided our State and we suffer on the both sides of the divide. Our land became a battleground for competing interests of our mighty neighbours, namely India, Pakistan and China, in which we suffer.

5.     Note with regret that, despite our suffering and a great human and economic loss of Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir and India, Pakistan has not abandoned its obsession to capture Kashmir by force.

6.     Urge you to reconsider rationale of this policy which is imperialist in nature. If you are a true well-wisher of people of the former Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir, then please stop export of extremism, terrorism, religious intolerance and hatred to areas of Jammu and Kashmir State; and grant fundamental rights to the people which live under your control in so called Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

7.      Request you to revisit teaching of Islam with regard to equality and fairness. If still you feel we are not equal to you, citizens of Pakistan, then, at least, consider us human beings and let us live with honour and dignity. Unite both areas of Jammu and Kashmir State; and let us be masters of our land and resources.
We look forward to hearing a positive reply from you.
1.      Holy Quran, Sura Almahida, section 1
2.      Hadees narrated by Hazrat Buraydah in Muslim Shareef and quoted in Islam and sanctity of Human Life, page 9
People from Jammu, Srinagar and various parts of Pakistani Administered Kashmir participated in the demonstration.
Representatives of the following parties signed the memorandum:
Organisation                           Name                                  signature
1/ Kashmir National Party        Abbas Butt
2/ JKLF                                         Nazam Bhatti
3/ UKPNP                                    Zulfqar Khan
4/JKPNP                                      Tahir Bostan
5/Friends of JK                           Ejaz Pracha
6/ Voice of Jammu                  Yogish Sharma

Issued by Dr Shabir Choudhry:

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