Saturday, 26 August 2017

My books - A list of publications:

My books - A list of publications:

1.   Novel in Urdu, ‘Fareena’, which I wrote at the age of eighteen.

2.   Second Urdu novel ‘Bay-Khataa’ which was about the problems of Asian youths living in UK published in 1983.

3.   Urdu book ‘Pakistan and Kashmiri struggle for independence’ published in 1901. Kashmir ke Qomi Azadi aur Pakistan.

4.   What is the Kashmir problem?

5.   Urdu book: 'Is an independent Kashmir a conspiracy?'

6.   Kashmir dispute as I see it.

7.   Different perspective on Kashmir.
8.   Kashmir needs a change of heart.

9.   JKLF visit to Pakistan Administered Kashmir.
10.                 If not self - determination, then what?

11.                 Kashmiri struggle: Role of Azad Government
12.                 In Search of Freedom - My visit to Srinagar and Islamabad.

13.                 Kashmir and Partition of India.

14.                 Struggle for independence, jihad or proxy war.

15.                 Why 22 October is a Black Day in Kashmir History?

16.                 Kashmir under Pakistani occupation. 

17.                 Emma Nicholson report- who has won?

18.                 My Struggle for an Independent Kashmir – A political autobiography

19.                 New Round of the 'Great Game': A Study on Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistani Administered Kashmir 

20.                 Why Arif Shahid was killed?

21.                 Kashmir and 1965 war.

22.                 Bitter Facts of Kashmir Dispute.

23.                 Are Kashmiris part of the Kashmir Dispute?

24.                 Kashmir - An Issue of a Nation Not Dispute of a Land.

25.                 Kashmir Dispute: New Dimensions and New Challenges

26.                 Kashmir Dispute and Peace in South Asia: Issues which endanger peace and stability in the region

27.                 Kashmir Dispute – A Kashmiri perspective.

28.                 Tribal Invasion and Kashmir.

29.                 Extremism, Terrorism and threat to peace in South Asia.

30.                 The Poonch Rebellion against Pakistan.

31.                 Kashmir Dispute, Pakistan and the UN Resolutions.

32.                 Kashmir Dispute, Terrorism and Pakistan.

33.                 Is CPEC Economic Corridor or a Strategic game plan?

·      Apart from that I have more than 35 small booklets published in Urdu and in English.

·      Out of the above three books are banned by naming them. Now they have a general notification saying that no book of Dr Shabir Choudhry and Saeed Asad should be sold.

·      Banned books with official notifications are:

1/ Why Arif Shahid was killed?
2/ Kashmir and Partition of India.
3/ Bitter facts of Kashmir Dispute.

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