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JKIPA Resolutions passed in London Conference – 26 November 2017

JKIPA Resolutions passed in London Conference – 26 November 2017

This London conference attended by politicians, writers, thinkers and members of civil society from both sides of the Line of Control and Pakistan and India unanimously:

1.   Declare that former Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir is one political entity; and it is home of all citizens of Jammu and Kashmir irrespective of their religious, regional and tribal affiliations;

2.   Assert that the entire Jammu and Kashmir is disputed; and no country has a right to decide our future, as this right is bestowed with people of Jammu and Kashmir;

3.   Clarify that China, India and Pakistan occupy various parts of Jammu and Kashmir State. Interests of the occupier and the occupied cannot be same; and no occupier should be considered as a friend, a well-wisher or an advocate of our sentiments;

4.   Condemn Prime Minister of Pakistan’s statement made in London School of Economics about concept of an independent Jammu and Kashmir. It is sad that it is an official policy of Pakistan to oppose and sabotage the concept of an independent Kashmir; and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has merely reiterated the policy which his predecessors have pursued since October 1947. Real policy of Pakistan on Jammu and Kashmir is to annex the former Princely State under the garb of right of self-determination;

5.   Note with regret that many Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir have been manipulated by Islamabad in name of religion to advance imperialist policy of Pakistan. We need to understand that Pakistani policy on Jammu and Kashmir is also imperialist in nature; and words like Islamic brotherhood, friendship and advocate are only used to camouflage real intentions of Islamabad;

6.   Urge freedom loving nationalists of Jammu and Kashmir to formulate practical policies against all occupiers of Jammu and Kashmir, because previous policy of liberating Kashmir Valley is no longer relevant and practical. Liberation of all regions is not possible with a redundant policy against one occupier, namely India. We must have practical policies against all three occupiers;

7.   Call upon all freedom loving citizens of Jammu and Kashmir State to unite on common minimum programme for unification and independence of their forcibly divided homeland;

8.   Support struggle of fellow citizens in their respective regions, it is imperative that freedom loving people of each region should struggle against the country that occupies them;

9.   Demand both India and Pakistan to respect life, liberty and honour of people of Jammu and Kashmir living under their control; and honour their obligations assumed under the UNCIP Resolution of 13 August 1948;

10.                 Request both India and Pakistan to release all political prisoners; and control those forces which promote extremism, intolerance and hatred;

11.                 Pronounce that under garb of CPEC, China and Pakistan must not try to change legal status of Gilgit Baltistan, which are legally part of the former Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir;

12.                 Emphasis that while completing various projects related to the CPEC, China and Pakistan must give priority to the fundamental rights and needs of people of Gilgit Baltistan; and take appropriate steps to ensure that there is no danger to environment.

13.                 Demand that Pakistan must immediately stop plundering our resources; and handover control of hydel dams and projects to Azad Kashmir Government. Furthermore, ask Pakistan to give us control of all the property of Jammu and Kashmir situated in Pakistan; and give us back what they owe us since 1947.

14.                 Express serious concern about current situation of Gilgit Baltistan; and demand that local people must be given their fundamental rights and charter of demand of the peoples right movement must be honoured;

15.                 Restore powers of Azad Kashmir government by abolishing Karachi Pact of 1949; and reopen all traditional routes which linked various parts of the former Princely State that people can interact and socialise with each other;

16.                 Stress that both India and Pakistan must stop LOC firing, as that increases our suffering on both sides of the divide. If some people want to test their weapons and satisfy their urge to fight that they can do on the international border;

17.                 Distraught that killers of Arif Shahid are still not apprehended; and it strengthens this view that secret agencies had a role in eliminating a loyal Kashmiri leader. We demand a full enquiry to find out facts about this killing.

Issued by Dr Shabir Choudhry on behalf of Jammu Kashmir International Peoples Alliance.

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