Thursday, 19 April 2018

Pakistan is a true friend of Kashmiris – Read below:

Pakistan is a true friend of Kashmiris – Read below:
Dr Shabir Choudhry  19 April 2018

A citizen of Jammu and Kashmir contacted me, and asked me to help him/her with his/her PhD research on Kashmir.

I asked this student to get the proposal approved and then contact me.

The student replied by giving details of the research and said:
‘You are great asset for Kashmiries and it is my pleasure to seek your guidance’.
‘Best regards’ 

I said to the student that in my experience and dealing with Azad Kashmiri students and Pakistani institutions, I don’t think they will allow you to research on this topic, as this will help and promote Kashmiri consciousness and nationalism.

Today I had the following reply:

Aslam o Alaikum.
‘Sir 'they' didn't allow me to carry on my work on that topic which I had mentioned previously’.
Best Regards

I have not given even gender of the student or any other information which can identify him/her.

This shows how friendly is Pakistan to people of JK. Message is clear,
a country which occupies us, bans books on Jammu and Kashmir, and bans newspapers WILL NOT allow people of Azad Kashmir to know about their case, our resources and nationalist trends.

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