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JKLF my response 3

JKLF my response 3
Dear all Aslamo Alaykam
I have been away due to another spell of illness and a death in the family. After checking hundreds of mails I realise that we reached the stage: Laanatullah Alal Kazibeen.
In one of my mails I wrote:

What we (people who believe in united and independent Kashmir) need to look at is that whether one JKLF group score point at the other or vice versa, or CIK and its work is being attacked, it is the ideology of an independent Kashmir which is being attacked and tarnished. So for the sake of ideology and the Movement we must stop fighting. If there are any differences or any misunderstandings we can directly communicate with each other, and seek clarifications.

If we cannot unite then let each group work independently, and we must stop calling each other traitor or agent. I hope that all pro -independent individuals and groups will respect this.

Two days after this, as the fire was dying out, we saw Mr Amanullah Khan pouring petrol over it with his bunch of lies, of course to divide and cause controversy, and yet he has the nerve to talk of consensus building. Please stop this joke now.

When he realised that he is cornered and has no answer to any of the questions asked, he found a way out: Laanatullah Alal Kazibeen. This does not answer if he is guilty of the actions he has been accused of.

And we are all too nice and kind hearted people jumping to rescue the cornered man, just because he failed to answer the allegation but managed to recite a part of verse from Holly Quraan.

I can see you people are sincere and want unity in the Movement but he did not think it this way when he came with a long list of lies and half - truths. We used to do the same, after each blunder he made we used to rush to rescue – damage limitation exercise, push everything under the carpet that the interest of the organisation and Movement is not further damaged. This indeed encouraged him that there are “mareeds” who would be with me no matter what I do.

I know discussing the past especially controversial thing is not going to help us to put things right, but it can help us to learn from our mistakes that no one else destroy national organisations and play with national interests just to satisfy his ego. Look at it this way:

If Kashmir had become independent in 1990/91, Mr Amanullah Khan and the JKLF (as it was the organisation leading the Movement) would have got credit for it. Unfortunately it did not happen. The JKLF leadership perhaps thought splits and fighting among them was more important, and they did that brilliantly. These splits and in fighting at a time when we needed unity to lead the nation, together with other factors led us to disaster, and there is no light at the end of tunnel. Come on people! This was not a natural disaster- some one or a group of people is responsible for this.

If I do something good, I should be rewarded. If I make a mistake, a genuine one, and apologise for it, I should be forgiven, but if I make a deliberate mistake and keep on doing it where people lose their lives I should be out on trial. This should be the criterion for all. No one should be allowed to walk free and there should be enough check and balances that no one man can wake up in the morning and make unconstitutional declaration by forming a “Provisional Government” and cause a split in the organisation and the Movement. I leave this to the future historian to dig into this and apportion the blame, we cannot walk away by just reciting: Laanatullah Alal Kazibeen.

I will not write any more on this but I have a right to reply to the 3 personal attacks he made against me.

1. Laanatullah Alal Kazibeen.

Amanulla Khan in his pack of lies wrote:

Shabbir any how managed to have himself appointed as the head ofelection committee and through worst kind of rigging, playing the cardof baradariism, misinterpretation of constitution, misrepresentation offacts and a poisonous underground campaign against Jatalvi, he gotYounus declared elected which was a stunning surprise to all.

More than 500 delegates who attended that Convention in 1992 could testify that it was Qazi Saddique from Accrington, Lancashire who was Head of Election Commission. Apart from that record of Central Committee could tell because it was the CC who elected Election Commission Chairman. Also proceedings of the day which were recorded (and I still have the copy of it) clearly tell that it was Qazi Saddique who was the Chairman of Election Commission, hence Laanatullah Alal Kazibeen.

Jatalvi Sahib Maroom lost election by 3 or 4 votes. Jatalvi Sahib in the presence of more than 30 leading people in Luton, declared that Younus was “My candidate for the post of president”. He, after pressure, from Mr Amanullah Khan and others changed his position. And voters, in an open contest recorded on a video and observed by representatives of other parties voted him out because they thought he was wrong to encourage and support Mr Younus Sahib to stand and then let him down. Laanatullah Alal Kazibeen.

Mr Amanullah Khan accused me of taping against Raja Muzzaffar.

When we talk of ‘tapping against’ it implies that tapping against someone secretly without knowledge of others. If that was the question then my answer is big NO.

The fact however is that there were many problems within JKLF when I went to Pakistan and AK. JKLF split caused by the “Provisional Government” shook the foundations of the organisation. The 2/3 majority of the Central Committee expelled Mr Amanullah Khan, he in turn expelled them. There were thousands of mujahidin from IOK, and there was no proper organisational structure to look after them. There was huge shortage of experienced people with skills to handle the situation. This resulted in frustration and deep sense of betrayal. Tensions were running high. Mujahidin came with high hopes and the leadership was busy settling scores against each other.

People were making allegations against each other. Under that environment people asked me to help them to sort out these problems. I said to them that I have no evidence that what you are saying is true. If you think it is true then record your statements. And they willingly and knowingly recorded their statements regarding the problems they were facing and the problems within the JLKF and who made what mistake regarding the split. Those who recorded their statements included Mr Amanullah Khan group’s General Secretary Master Mohammed Afzal from IOK and some commanders.
Mr Amanullah Khan is well known for taking things out of context, and he termed this as “Tapping against Raja Muzaffar”, again Laanatullah Alal Kazibeen.

3. “Pulling chair from Mr Amanullah Khan”

Third personal attack was that I turned against Mr Amanullah Khan because I wanted to be appointed his successor, or as some termed it as “pulling his chair”. He didn’t have the courage to tell other differences regarding the running of the JKLF. As usual he has told so many lies and taken things out of context, and if I start explaining details of every thing I will be wasting a lot of my time and yours as well.

Organisational matters were discussed each time we met. He knew I was not very happy with the split, and consistently asked for unity. He was so angry over my gruelling that he once lost his temper and said “Choudhry Sahib I cannot convince you it is better that you leave us and join the other group.”

I tried to cool him down and said to him that if we want to be successful then we must get united. Forces which are against us are too strong and we cannot waste our meagre resources fighting each other for the sake of satisfying our ego. He said no way on earth he can sit with Dr Farooq Haider, because he is an ISI agent (yet same Dr Farooq Haider and Mr Amanullah Khan were sitting together in the same group after a few months).

In other words Dr Farooq Haider was loyal and sincere until Mr Amanullah Khan declared his “Provisional Government”, and became ISI agent when he (Dr Haider) termed it unconstitutional and opposed it. But became sincere and loyal again when he unconditionally joined Mr Amanullah Khan in 1992. He remained loyal and sincere until he opposed another blunder by Amanullah Khan in which he tried to dissolve JKLF again in 1995 (in IOK). Dr Haider and Raja Muzaffar tried to unite the Party and realising that it was Mr Amanullah Khan’s stubbornness which is hindering the progress, they left him. And since then Dr Haider is agent again. Come on Mr Amanullah Khan grow up. Please don’t insult our intelligence, even your most staunch supporters are having difficulty to digest this.

I said to Mr Amanullah Khan that the JKLF and has expanded and the work related to the Movement is so much of specialised nature that no one individual can take correct decisions. In order to avoid the future blunders we need to develop a “collective leadership”, as we have it in England. I was the General Secretary, Jatalvi Sahib was President, but we had Malik Latif Khan, Choudhry Abdul Rehman and Zafar Khan and we worked like a team - a collective leadership. And in that context I said that Zafar Khan is capable of fulfilling this role; and it is for the other people to decide what services I can offer.

Mr Amanullah Khan very conveniently took things out of context and made a story.

Does it make sense?

Mr Amanullah Khan wrote:
…’and after his (Shabir’s) return to England soon, hestarted a campaign against me though not in an aggressive manner. Hesilently started trying to make UK Zone independent of Centre.’

Before the elections of July 1992, Mr Amanullah Khan requested me many times that I should continue as a General Secretary for at least another term. And senior colleagues here also requested this, but I refused and said that I have been in this post for a long time (I was first elected into this position in 1984), and Zafar Khan should be given a chance to show his skills.(it is different matter that he got it disolved within 4 months).

If I had a plan against Mr Amanullah Khan or to make JKLF UK independent of the Centre as he alleges, then sensible thing for me would have been to take the position of the General Secretary. How on earth I can make JKLF UK independent of the Centre when I am giving away the most powerful post in the organisation to a staunch supporter of Mr Amanullah Khan.

Please Mr Amanullah Khan stop this now. I still have some respect for some of the positive role you have played. I still remember you spending all your social benefit on the organisation and used to eat bread without jam or margarine. You didn’t have enough money to heat up properly and you used to sleep on the sofa, and yet kept working for the JLLF. You have made some sacrifices and people commend you for that but you have made serious mistakes, and you should be big enough to accept them and improve on them instead of “labelling” those who try to correct you.

It would have been better for you not to get in to this controversy, like Dr Fai and Raja Muzzaffar. They have been criticised on the net, and those who are afraid of this should not get in to politics. They chose to ignore that criticism. And when you jumped in it then you should have answered the questions rather then reciting verses from the Holly Quraan.

If no one else at least you know my skills and experience, and you also know that I still hold a few good cards, but I can assure you if no mud is thrown at me, like last time, then I will not trouble you in future. History is the best judge. People can only be fooled for a short period but not all the times.

Shabir Choudhry

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