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JKLF statement and issue of IKA

JKLF statement and issue of IKA
Dear Ishfaq Sahib Aslamo Alaykam

Thank you for making very valuable contribution on the subject.

We all know what is APCH and who calls shots- their strings and are always pulled from across the border, and yet these people have 'courage' to claim that they represent the people of Kashmir.

It is in the interest of these people that this struggle, (it cannot be called a freedom struggle- struggle could be for anything, it could take many forms and shapes, for example, to win bread and butter for your family and next generation, or to get your son / daughter a medical seat somewhere) continue as the status quo brings them the desired results. And any attempt to change the status quo would be fiercely opposed by those who feel that it might affect their livelihood.

As for Geneva trip and our interventions in the UN Commission on Human Rights are concerned, I was given a 'friendly advice' before leaving for Geneva that only speak about the situation on the other side of the LOC. Those who know me also know that I don't accept dictation of any kind. I and Abbas Butt spoke what we felt was right and which is factually true. It was our obligation as nationalist leaders to speak about the situation on this side of the border, even if that meant getting into hot water.

Both India and Pakistan have divided our Kashmir, and have full control over their respective parts; and if we, as freedom fighters are going to ask their permission before saying anything about them then what kind of struggle is that. Those who get typed interventions from their masters are considered as 'leaders' of Kashmir, what a joke; difference of our interventions was that we wrote them ourselves.

This press release issued by Farooq Papa has no value what so ever. Those who know the JKLF, understand that legally and constitutionally he has no power to do this. He belongs to North America Zone and member of one Zone could not expel member of the other Zone. Our structure is such that even the Chairperson could not do this, he could make recommendation to the President of relevant Zone, and only the President after giving right of explanation to the person concerned, and in consultation with his other office bearers, could take decision like this.

A good example is a decision of Mr Abbas Butt who expelled Majid Tramboo on grounds that he has compromised his ideology, and worked against the basic principle of JKLF- United and independent Kashmir; and encouraged a revolt against him just because his intervention was disliked by people in Islamabad. After failing to convince Senior Vice President, Councillor Nazam Bhatti and Secretary General Zubbair Ansari to 'take over the organisation', in desperation this statement was issued.

In case where a complaint is against the President himself, the Chairperson writes to the CC and CC gives right of explanation to the person concerned and only after listening to both sides take appropriate action.

We live in 21st Century and totalitarian and undemocratic attitude could not be acceptable to a civilised society. JKLF is a democratic organisation which unfortunately has some people who wants to act like Saddam Hussain, and for some reason they forget what happens to dictators. As for Farooq Papa's foolish statement is concerned, it is like Havaldaar telling a DIG Police that he is going to sack him; and an IG police could only support this statement for two reasons: One, the person who issued it is a friend and he comes from Valley, and must be supported when issue is related to Valley and non Valley man. Two he has his own skin and interest to look after.

I am one of those who formed the JKLF in 1977, and was elected its Secretary General in 1985, and was leading the movement for an independent Kashmir when these Havaldaars were in schools and else where benefiting from the Indian state structure. They CANNOT oust me from the JKLF, and we have called the Executive Council meeting in Birmingham (England) which will show if the party backs me and Abbas Butt or not.

This statement got wide coverage on Pakistan TV and we all know reasons for this. In a way, apart from me, leaders of the IKA are also grateful to those unnerved minds in London and elsewhere who panicked by the formation of this alliance and got it the coverage world wide.
The IKA stands for peace with dignity, accountability and transparency in Kashmiri politics on both sides of the divide; and it is not too difficulty to tell those opposing this falls in to which category.

Ishafaq Sahib, I don't know you, and a person with inquisitive mind pointed out that may be you are not what you claim to be, and don't live in Islamabad, and perhaps live in Europe, could you please clarify this.Ishafaq Sahib and others who are not on anyone's pay role, we expect you to support us, because this is not a personal fight but fight for the future of Kashmir. And all those who are not satisfied with the present state of affairs and are not benefiting from it, should support our struggle for peaceful resolution for united and independent Kashmir.

Dr Shabir Choudhry

You Wrote:

Dear Shabir Sahib
I came to know about the IKA some time back and I was wondering about the silence on this part of the world about this alliance.Three days back when I met an APHC leader here inIslamabad I found him restless and he while talking to some other person criticized the interventions you and Mr Butt made in Geneva. He was of the view that the their masters here are angry and they want to take immediate action against these two leaders.
When I read the statement (which is available here on this forum too) there was no surprise for me in it.
Shabir Sahib, the decision of your ouster from the party was not the decision of JKLF high ups but some other authority directed the JKLF bosses in Srinagar to do so and fire Shabir Chaudhary and Abbas Butt.
Anyway, these are the efforts in vain and afcter every passing day the conscience of people is raising. Till how by making such childish attempts these people try to save their skin. I agree with your opinion that if UKPNP is not pro India for JKLF leadership in All Parties National Alliance then what is wrong in IKA.
The conclusion is that until our leaders either in Srinagar or in Muzaffarabad will not take their decisions independently they could not succeed in attaining the desired goals of liberation (If they have any).I am fully convinced now with your opinion.

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