Thursday, 29 May 2008

JKLF wants strong democratic Pakistan

JKLF wants strong democratic Pakistan

MIRPUR Nov 16 (NNI): “We want India and Pakistan to have friendly relations that there could be peace and stability in South Asia. But before they reach that stage - genuine friendly relationship between both the countries - Kashmir dispute has to be resolved according to wishes of the Kashmiri people.”

This was said by the JKLF leaders Dr Shabir Choudhry and Abbas Butt in a reception given to them in Switzerland by Saber Malik, a Pakistani community leader.

Saber Malik while welcoming Abbas Butt and Dr Shabir Choudhry said, ‘I am a Pakistani nationalist, and my loyalty lies with Pakistan, but I do admire your struggle and have great sympathy for you people.’ He said, ‘Love for Kashmir is also in my blood, but national interest of Pakistan is paramount to me. I like Kashmir to become part of Pakistan but if people of Jammu and Kashmir want to have their own independent country free of both India and Pakistan, I will accept that as well’.

Abbas Butt appreciated these sentiments coming from a loyal Pakistani, and said ‘We Kashmiris are not against states of Pakistan or India, but we are against their policies which want to keep people of Jammu and Kashmir divided and deprived of independence.’ He said if people of Kashmir get their independence then there would be peace in the entire region. “We have many things in common and it would be good to work together for peace, stability and prosperity of South Asia”, he added.

Sardar Shaukat Kashmiri said, ‘People of Kashmir living on the Indian side of LOC had complains from India and they are showing their resentment against that. The people on this side of the LoC also have genuine complaints against attitude and role of Pakistan, but we believe in resolving issues through a process of dialogue’.

He said Mangla dam was built to meet water and energy needs of Pakistan, but people of Mirpur had to suffer. People who were uprooted in 1967 have been not settled yet and Azad Kashmir government did not get any royalty and yet the Pakistan government has decided to upraise the dam again which will further uproot more than 100,000 people’.

‘Similarly earthquake victims are still suffering in tents and the resources and cash money collected for the purpose has been diverted and misappropriated by the officials.

Dr Shabir Choudhry said, ‘We also like Pakistan but like other people we also love our mother land. At present, he said, Jammu and Kashmir is not legal part of any country, as future of the State is not determined yet. But if any country wants to divide Jammu and Kashmir and join a conspiracy to keep the state divided and deprived of independence then we have to see what is good for us’.

He said they want to see peaceful and stable Pakistan which can play its due role in the comity of nations. A stable, democratic Pakistan which is at peace with itself and its neighbours is in the best interest of the region. It will help people of Pakistan to prosper
and forge friendly ties with other nations’. He said, ‘Image of Pakistan abroad is not very good and good Pakistani people have to take a lead to change that image’.

Nasir Aziz, while addressing the audience stressed the need of joint working. Nationalist Kashmiris need to work together to get that right message across and to reorganise the struggle on secular and nationalist lines, as religious element will cause more problems
in future, he added. NNI

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