Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A letter to Pakistani President

Dear Pervaiz Musharaf Aslamo Alaykam

It is good to note that you have reviewed Pakistan’s Kashmir policy and realised that the existing policy needs a serious analyses and change to have peace in Kashmir and South Asia.

Overwhelming majority of Kashmir is against division of any kind; and they are also against India and Pakistan deciding their future. It is in the best interest of all parties to the dispute that there is a peaceful resolution to this dispute and that genuine leadership of Jammu and Kashmir are made part of the peace process.

By this I don’t mean people like Sardar Sikander Ayat, Sardar Qayyum Khan, Sardar Atiq Khan or Barrister Sultan Mahmood; and people like Farooq Abdullah and Mufti Sayeed. Whether one like it or not they are considered as puppets of Pakistan and India respectively; and are installed to protect the interest of those who put them in that position.

We genuinely wanted to support the peace process and for that wanted to hold an International Kashmir Conference in Mirpur which was sabotaged by Pakistani secret agencies.

I sent the following letter to Pakistani official and asked for help, and after this I wrote to Kasuri Sahib, Tariq Aziz Sahib, Masood Khan Sahib, and Head of Visa Section Pakistan High Commission New Delhi, and had no support or help for visas for Kashmiri leaders and journalists who wanted to take part in the conference. Instead the rule 144 was imposed in Mirpur in order to sabotage the conference.

We need help from you.
1. We welcome determination of both countries to resolve all their issues including the Kashmir dispute through peaceful talks; but we feel that it is not possible to resolve this dispute which is not territorial or bilateral in nature without active participation of the main party to the dispute - people of Kashmir.
2. We feel a mechanism should be worked out that true representatives of the Kashmiri people are made part of this peace process.
3. Kashmiri people are the main party to the Kashmir dispute and it is in their interest that they must support this peace process in order to have peace and stability in the region.
4. But before the people of Kashmir can play any positive role in this process, they need to build understanding among themselves. For this purpose JKLF UK & Europe has decided to hold an International Kashmir Conference in Mirpur on 19/20 February 2005. It will be the first conference of its kind to be held inside the Kashmiri territory where people of all ethnic back grounds will be invited; and we hope that this will help to formulate a policy which will play an important role in resolution of Kashmir.
5. Cooperation of all three parties is must if we are to resolve this dispute and establish peace in the region; similarly we need goodwill and cooperation of both governments to make this conference successful and productive.
6. We therefore request government of India to issue Kashmiri leaders with travelling documents and we request government of Pakistan to issue visas that these people could take part in this important conference.
7. I shall be writing you again to give you list of invitees.

You can see that we were sincere and did not deserve this treatment. I think you need to meet and discuss the future of Jammu and Kashmir with people like me who have done extensive research on Kashmir and throughout my life worked for independence of Kashmir.

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