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. This will increase the gulf of hatred and misunderstandings 5 December 2006

. This will increase the gulf of hatred and misunderstandings 5 December 2006

Dear Kashnet members aslamo alaykam

A Pakistani named Ahmad Nadeem Gehla has abused me many times by email. He doesn't like what I write and doesn't like me to promote Kashmiri nationalism, as it is against the interest of Pakistan. To my last article, 'I am sorry for my past errors' which explains how one person who abused me later on apologized when he read a report of Human Rights Watch on the situation of Azad Kashmir.

For 'crime' of writing that article, and promoting the Kashmir cause in its true perspective, Ahmad Nadeem Gehla has once again abused me. In response to this article I received ten emails, and only this man has abused me. Some have asked me for a copy of the report others have expressed solidarity.

As is the normal practice people tend to associate this kind of activity with an Indian agent disguised as a Pakistani, and try to take burden of responsibility off Pakistanis. But this man is a Pakistani, and is from Lahore. He has communicated with me many times in the past- generally in the form of abuses. He claims to be a businessman and claims to have done tremendous work on human rights.

I don't mind to be criticized, attacked and corrected where I am wrong; but I surely don't like to be abused. If some one thinks what I write is factually wrong I am willing to make changes to my stance. One has to be persuaded by logical arguments and historical facts or even ground realities.

Problem with many Pakistani and pro Pakistani people is that when they have no defense of what they preach then they resort to foul language. That itself is an admission of a defeat of their argument.

But these people expect us to love and respect them even after this abuse; and love Pakistan after what Pakistan rulers have done to the cause of Kashmir. This is not possible. If their aim is to intimidate me and other Kashmiri nationalists then they are wrong. I for one will not be intimidated.

I don't know if Ahmad Nadeem Gehla knows his family tree, but I certainly know my family tree going back to tenth century; so I know who I am. But he certainly needs to trace his family background as people from good families do not use this kind of foul language just because there is some disagreement with someone's political views.

Furthermore this attitude will increase the gulf of hatred and misunderstandings; and will not bring us any closer. My advice to Pakistani brothers is to be more accommodating and try to preach love, respect and tolerance. By use of gun and foul language to resolve political problems you will end up losing what you have, instead of getting more territory.

Why I have brought this to the attention of Kashnet? This is a forum of Kashmiris – although others in disguise also share it and motivate and encourage certain agendas- where they discuss their problems and at times abuse each other as well. I want people to know that what we have to go through in order to be a true Kashmiri, to be a pro Kashmir and to project the cause of Kashmir, which in our opinion, suits us Kashmiris and not the one which suits our neighbours.

I hope sensible people of Kashnet will be able to offer me some advice and perhaps write directly to Ahmad Nadeem Gehla.


Dr Shabir Choudhry

On 04/12/06 , ahmad nadeem gehla < > wrote:

Every body please block this basterd named Shabir Chaudhery, he is some monkey...
Every body please block this basterd named Shabir Chaudhery, he is some monkey working for foreign intrests and claims himself to be a Pakistani and a human rights activists and continously keeps writing non sense about Pakistan.

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