Saturday, 3 October 2009

Black Day for Kashmiris on 22 October

Black Day for Kashmiris on 22 October

Kashmir National Party is holding one day conference on Kashmir in Watford, England. The conference aims to examine what importance of 22 October has in history of Jammu and Kashmir.

Some people encouraged by Pakistani establishment hold a Black Day on 27 October every year to coincide with the landing of the Indian army in Kashmir which came there on the request of the then Ruler of Jammu and Kashmir.

KNP leaders however believe that we have to look at the root cause. Jammu and Kashmir had a Standstill Agreement with Pakistan and in contravention of that Agreement, government of Pakistan managed a ‘tribal invasion’ which not only violated Kashmiri sovereignty but also committed serious human rights abuses and killed innocent people and raped women.

This looting and pillaging continued for many days and the Maharaja and his forces were unable to defend the State territory or the people of Kashmir; and had no other choice but to seek outside help.

KNP Spokesman Dr Shabir Choudhry said, our miseries and troubles started with that tribal invasion. It caused death and destruction in Kashmir, and forced the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir to seek outside help, which resulted in provisional accession and subsequent arrival of the Indian army.

We believe the State of Jammu and Kashmir is not part of India or Pakistan and we strongly oppose policies of both countries; but as for as Black Day is concerned we should have a Black Day on 22 October because this is the day when our troubles and miseries started.

We expect writers and leaders to explore this aspect of our history and educate people rather than treading on the path shown to us by those who have interest in occupying us and exploiting us.

Details of the conference are as follows:

• Why 22 October matters in Kashmiri history?
• What are our grievances against Pakistan?

Venue: Watford
Time: 2pm
Date: Sunday 18 October 2009

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