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Kashmiri Collaborators

Kashmiri Collaborators
Dr Shabir Choudhry 27 February 2010

Collaborators are those who work with an enemy – with an occupier against one's own country; and we find plenty of them in Pakistan and in Jammu and Kashmir on both sides of the Line of Control.

Although this term was coined up during the Second World War to expose those who sided with the Nazi Germany; but this class of people existed for centuries. Those who collaborated with the British were given titles and fiefdoms in undivided India; and grand children of that class is now ‘running’ and ‘managing’ Pakistan, not for the benefit of the Pakistanis but for the benefit of their class and their mentors or political masters.

There is a large supply of collaborators in Jammu and Kashmir on both sides of the divide. Some collaborate with India and others collaborate with Pakistan; and both groups are generously rewarded by India and Pakistan, of course at the cost of national interest of Jammu and Kashmir.

People become collaborators for different reasons. Some join forces of occupation for fear; others join them for political or monetary rewards. Some join them for status and others join them to empower themselves that they can elevate themselves or take revenge from certain sections of the society or groups.

Some feel as the new occupiers are there to stay, resistance is futile; and they like to be on the winning side. History shows that at times these collaborators prove to be more cruel and exploitative than the actual occupiers.

As society is becoming more and more complex and demands of the forces of occupation increase, a new class of collaborators has also emerged and this consist of Kashmiri Diaspora. Collaborators from the Kashmiri Diaspora don’t join forces of occupation or become their tool because of any fear. They join for other reasons, which include status and monetary gains.

The role of collaborators varies. Without them the forces of occupation could find it difficulty to maintain their control over their colony or territory. Only America and other allies could appreciate how valuable contribution was made by Ahmad Karzai in Afghanistan. Once the forces of occupation stabilise their control then they can find many collaborators to justify and assert their control.

This role could range from urging the civilian population to remain calm and accept foreign occupation without a conflict. It could be in a form of justifying their occupation; or explain what tragedy will fall upon them if the forces of occupation leave. Collaboration could be in a form of helping them to organise trade unions, improve production, or enhance financial and economic support to joining various branches of the armed forces etc.

India has many collaborators on the Indian side of the Line of Control and they are criticised by the people for what they are doing to support the Indian rule in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan also enjoys support of collaborators in the territory of Jammu and Kashmir under their control. The Pakistani ruling elite has been very shrewd in this matter. They have successfully drawn a distinction between the collaborators – those who collaborate with India are presented as ‘bad guys’ and those who collaborate with Pakistan as good boys; yet the role and job of both are same.

Those Kashmiris who, for what ever reason, collaborate with Pakistan are propagated as ‘leaders’ and ‘loyal’ to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, yet opposite is the truth. Even those Kashmiris, who support and show allegiance to these collaborators are promoted and appropriately rewarded; and that makes the whole project more sacrosanct and attractive for others.

The result of this policy is that even senior and well off members of the Kashmiri Diaspora are readily available to become tools in hands of those who occupy us on this side of the LOC. These financially and politically well off Kashmiris do not hesitate to lick boots of Pakistani officials posted in London and elsewhere.

In this respect those Kashmiris who have made their social and political standing in the countries they live in through hard work and dedication, are also available to serve whims of Pakistan and advance their agenda. In return they get some protocol in the functions held in the Pakistani diplomatic Missions; and during their visits to Pakistan.

In this regard some Kashmiris, who have some status in the British society, are playing the role of Pakistani informers or agents. They stoop so low that they feel no shame in wrongly accusing their fellow citizens. In return for a ‘cup of tea’ with senior Pakistani leaders or senior officials, be he in uniform or in civilian clothes, they will back stab a fellow Kashmiri who is sincerely promoting a Kashmiri interest.

Despite their social status in the countries they have settled in, the Kashmiri puppets, which are perhaps born with some complex or slavish mind will readily promote a Pakistani interest at the cost of undermining the Kashmiri interest. These puppets also criticise those Pakistanis who sincerely feel that Pakistani policy on Kashmir has been wrong and needs a change.

One British Kashmiri, who unfortunately holds some status in the society as well and who seems to be more loyal to Pakistan than his enslaved and forcibly divided country - Kashmir, has stooped so low that he has started phoning different media people and urging them not to promote or entertain Kashmiri nationalists.

As if this was not sufficient to prove his treachery against Kashmiri nation and slavish attitude, he, like agents on pay role do, has written directly to senior officials of a secret agency in Islamabad to tell them that some nationalist Kashmiris were working against Pakistan.

In support of his unfounded allegation he said these people held Black Day Conference to undermine the ‘Jihad’ done by tribesmen in 1947. Also he said that this group of people is accusing Pakistan for encouraging tribesmen to attack Kashmir and creating trouble in Jammu and Kashmir in 1947. He said they have produced literature which is against the interest of Pakistan.

Literature or conference which promote Kashmiri interest and advance unification and independence of the State is conceived as ‘anti Pakistan’ by some Pakistanis, and this class of Kashmiris who are willing to collaborate with Pakistan provided they get some protocol and cup of tea who ever is the ruler of Pakistan.

We, true Kashmiris – sons of the soil who are first Kashmiris then anything else, want to make it clear to these collaborators and their political masters that we will not be intimidated or coerced. Our first priority is to protect interest of Jammu and Kashmir; and by doing so if we annoy some collaborators and their political masters then we DONOT care.

We sincerely believe that the Tribal Invasion was designed for imperial purposes. It resulted in loot, plunder, rapes of women and destruction of our territory. It changed course of our history. It forced the Maharaja of Kashmir to seek help from India which subsequently resulted in the provisional accession to India. To date we are suffering because of that unprovoked aggression carried out in name of ‘jihad’ and we have every right to protest against it.

Writer is Director Diplomatic Committee of Kashmir National Party, political analyst and author of many books and booklets. Also he is Director Institute of Kashmir

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