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KNP will continue to work for united and independent Jammu and Kashmir

KNP will continue to work for united and independent Jammu and Kashmir
London 04 February 2010

Kashmir National Party Chairman, Abbas Butt said: “Our struggle is for united and independent Jammu and Kashmir, but my struggle starts from Kotli and not from Srinagar. If my Kotli is enslaved and people are deprived of basic human rights here then what good is independence of Srinagar to me and my people? All those who want to liberate Srinagar first while their own regions are occupied by Pakistan are not sincere with the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Those who follow this policy are not sincere and they have no right to speak about rights of people. These people must be opposed and exposed.”

Abbas Butt was speaking to a meeting of the Supreme Council of the KNP, which was held in London to discuss and formulate future programmes of the Party.

KNP Zonal Secretary General Nawaz Majid said: Maqbool Butt was hero of Kashmiri nation. His struggle was for united and independent Jammu and Kashmir. He spoke for rights of all Kashmiris and did not speak for rights of Kashmiri Muslims. His fight was for justice and equality; and those people who want to make this struggle a struggle of Kashmiri Muslims are not sincere to the cause of Kashmir or struggle of Maqbool Butt.

KNP Organiser Asim Mirza said, ‘We must hold a public meeting in Watford and should only work and support like minded people. It is not appropriate to attend meetings of those who do not respect our guests and try to disrupt our meetings’. He said we have tremendous experience in arranging public meetings and conferences, and he will ensure that there is a successful public meeting in Watford.

Head of Diplomatic Committee of KNP Dr Shabir Choudhry said: ‘Once again Pakistani people will enjoy another holiday on 5th February in name of solidarity with Kashmiri people. This date, 5th February, has no historic significance in history of Kashmir. Pakistani policy makers hold this ‘holiday’ one week before Martyrdom date of Maqbool Bhat to fool people of Jammu and Kashmir and people of Pakistan. Their aim is to show Pakistan is worried about their independence. But hypocrisy is that Pakistani governments are not willing to grant independence to those people of Jammu and Kashmir which are under direct control of Pakistan’.

Other KNP leaders who spoke include: Ch Shoaib, Zile Naqvi and Jamroz Khan

KNP leaders after some discussion decided the following programmes of the party:

1. KNP Azad Kashmir Zone will hold a public meeting in Dheer Koat to commemorate 26th Martyrdom day of Maqbool Bhat Saheed;

2. KNP will also hold public meetings in Kotli and Pindi Saber waal on 11 the February;

3. In Britain the KNP will hold a public meeting in Watford;

4. Apart from that KNP delegation will travel to Geneva to attend the Session of UN Human Rights Council in March;

5. KNP leaders will also visit Azad Kashmir in April to address public meetings in various towns including one in Dheer Koat; and meet leaders of other parties including diplomats and policy makers;

6. KNP also decided to make arrangements to get Urdu book of Saeed Asad, ‘Yadoon K Zakham’, translated in English and published. The book is based on interviews of those who witnessed atrocities committed by tribesmen in 1947 in name of ‘jihad’ and ‘liberation’ of Kashmir.

7. Apart from that KNP will make arrangements to launch new book of Dr Shabir Choudhry which will be published this month. The book is called, ‘New Dimensions of Kashmiri struggle’.

8. KNP leaders demanded that government of Azad Kashmir should declare an official holiday on 11th February to express solidarity and show appreciation to the sacrifices of Maqbool Butt. END

Issued by Dr Shabir Choudhry

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