Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Across LOC firing

Across LOC firing

Aslamo alaykam colleagues

Shabana Bashir has started very good discussion- an issue of across the LOC firing in which there were some causalities on the Pakistani side of the LOC.

Hawaldar Mudasser Shafiq who was killed in this across the LOC firing incident belongs to my area Panjeri - near my village Nakker Shamali.

His father was an Inspector of ISI. He was the one who visited my father when I made a speech in the UN Rights Commission against the upraising of Mangla Dam, which irritated many in Pakistan and on the Pakistani side of LOC. It also irritated Yasin Malik, and on instructions of ISI Abbas Butt and I was expelled from the JKLF by Yasin Malik for this ‘crime’ of speaking for the rights of Mirpur; and for exposing Pakistani injustice on this side of the LOC.

My 82 yeas old father who suffered from heart ailment was harassed. A senior ISI officer wanted to harass and my father and give him stern warning. But Inspector Shafeeq because of family contacts intervened and persuaded his boss not to go, as he would deal with the matter locally.

Despite that my father was warned to control Shabir, else we will sort him out – his exact words were: Shabir ko bolo banda ban jaaie warna ham ussey khud thheek kar lein gey.

That aside it is a tragic loss and my heart goes to the family of deceased. May Allah grant him a place in Heaven and give sab’r to the family.

Coming back to the issue of the firing, if one reads Pakistani papers or pro Pakistan Kashmiri papers then India started the firing; but if one reads Indian papers it was Pakistani side which started it.

I agree with Shams sahib, whoever started the firing, it is people of the divided State who suffer; and it is because of this we oppose militancy and promote resolution of the Kashmir dispute through a process of dialogue.

However let us analyse this across LOC firing. There is a declared cease fire in the area, then question is why one side will start firing without any reason. Available evidence suggests, whenever Pakistani agencies want to send across armed militants, they always start firing first that the opposite is engaged in this and under the cover of the hostilities armed militants are sent across to the Indian side of Jammu and Kashmir to wage a ‘jihad’.

I leave it at that, and readers can draw their own conclusions as to who started it and if this ‘jihad’ is necessary; moreover, if this ‘jihad’ is to ‘liberate’ Kashmir; or there are some other motives behind this?

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Anonymous said...

I believe that Out of the three parties to the dispute, one party has to compeletely back off; if any real resolution has to ever happen.

Logically pakistan should back off but becuase of religion-black-mail politics it likely that eventually India will budge-in and leave the land to be sorted out between pakistani's and kashmiris.

it reminds me the remark of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan -- when British left the subcontinent and NWFP had to decide to join india and pakistan and eventually it joined Pakistan.

The Frontier Gandhi then remarked to congress (Nehru/Gandhi) that -- ""You have thrown us to the wolves""...

Future will see this history repeat again and reason will be same, not logic/rationale but religion/emotions.

Kashmiris are surely suffering today, which is unfortunate, but the resolution which is sought after, in my view will not bring the lasting peace.

as its old saying that -- "aasman se gire aur khajur me atkae" --

the perceived kashmir resolution by which india will be shown the doors will eventually leave kashmiris with far more complex problems and catch-22.

kashmir may just end up being another balochistan or worse afghanistan -- that is Paksitan's "Strategic Depth" or a conduit to "Pak-China" relationship.

Only time will tell.