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A reply to ISI agents

Reply to ISI agents
Dr Shabir Choudhry 16 May 2010

My attention was drawn to allegations of these fanatics and agents of ISI, who want to bleed people of Jammu and Kashmir for the sake of their vested interests.

We are party to the Kashmir dispute so is India, if we are not going to talk, who will???

ISI wants to ensure that only they meet Indians or their trusted agents meet them that their interests could be protected. Why is that since 1947 both countries have talked to each other on issue of Kashmir, but not have allowed Kashmiri leaders to be part of the talks?

Anyone who exposes their evil designs on Kashmir is perceived as an enemy. I have exposed their agenda on Kashmir. They are using name of religion to fool us people of Jammu and Kashmir. If their love for Islam was true people of East Pakistan would never have separated from them.

And anyone who can read Urdu can read article of very famous Pakistani writer Nazir Naji in daily Jang of 15 may 2010, what games they have played with Kashmir and interests of Pakistan. Also read Dr Aysha Siddiqua who has written a book to expose them.

We have met diplomats of both countries to discuss the Kashmir dispute. Many of these fanatics and Kashmiris meet Indian diplomats secretly at night. We had courage to meet them in broad day light and make it public, as we had nothing to hide.

Those who want to keep people of Kashmir enslaved and divided always bring in Islam when resolution of Kashmir is discussed. Kashmir dispute is not religious in nature. There is no danger to Islam in Kashmir, but danger is to bread and butter of those who need pot of Kashmir keep on boiling.

Kashmir is multi religious and multi ethnic society, with Muslims being in majority; and those who want to make it a religious dispute want to divide the State on religious lines. South Asia has not recovered from the wounds of partition of India on religious lines in 1947.

Pakistan was created in name of Islam; it did not damage Islam or other countries. If unity was must, why this new country didn’t become part of other neighbouring Muslim countries at that time? Why unity and unity of Muslim Umma is remembered only when issue of Kashmir’s independence is discussed?

Because of follies and undemocratic attitude of Pakistani rulers another country – Bangladesh was born by breaking away from Pakistan. It resulted in the biggest surrender in the Islamic history, in fact, history of the mankind – where more than 90,000 thousand armed men surrendered; and millions of innocent Muslims lost their lives.

This did not endanger their Islam; and there was no remorse shown at all. Some even said: thank God we got rid of these Bengalis.

Out of Soviet Russia six Muslim countries emerged and that did not endanger their Islam. But as soon as independence of Jammu and Kashmir is raised these people raise slogan of danger to Islam and Khilafa Movement.

These people are paid agents and enemies of Islam and enemies of people of Jammu and Kashmir. They are agents of Pakistani establishment. They are my enemy. They are enemy of Kashmiri identity. They are enemy of our independence; and whoever challenges their lies and fraud they declare him as an agent, but by grace of Allah swt their fraud is being exposed and they are losing support day by day.

I don’t expect anything better from them, as they have nothing better to offer. Creating divisions in name of religion and promoting hatred is their business because it helps them to run their kitchen.

In conclusion, these people have their own interest and they promote and defend that interest in name of religion and by politics of oppression and intimidation. They have no love or sympathy with their own people – Pakistanis; and it will be foolish to expect that they will defend and promote interests of people of Jammu and Kashmir.

We people of Jammu and Kashmir need to understand that they are there to exploit our resources. Kashmir is important to them because of its strategic importance and abundant natural resources.

May Allah SWT put them on right path?

Writer is Director Diplomatic Committee of Kashmir National Party, political analyst and author of many books and booklets. Also he is Director Institute of Kashmir

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