Sunday, 8 August 2010

A letter to Prime Minister of India

Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India,
High Commission of India
India House

08 August 2010

Kashmir National Party
28 Brook Road
Newbury Park

Dear Sir,

Re: Human Rights situation in Kashmir

I am writing this letter on behalf of Kashmir National Party which is a pro peace, pro democracy and pro people party; and which believes that the State of Jammu and Kashmir is legally not part of any country and its future is yet to be determined by the people of the State.

Sir, I am sure you will agree that first responsibility of every civilised and democratic government is to protect life, liberty and property of the people. Under threat of the Tribal Invasion which was managed by officials of Pakistan, the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir expressed his desire to accede to India - which was provisionally accepted by the then Governor General of India – that life, liberty and property of his people could be saved.

Sir, despite that pledge made by a democratic government of India, innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir are needlessly dying on streets of Kashmir. These lives could have been saved with some care and professionalism of those in uniform. We are seriously concerned about the deteriorating human rights situation in Kashmir and strongly protest against loss of life and violation of human rights.

No civilised society and democratic government could allow and justify killing of innocent protestors. It is a basic human right to protest. We see protests in Britain, a democratic and civilised society; and we also see stone throwing by some protestors, but law enforcing authorities here because of their professionalism and training control the demonstrators without shooting anyone.

Sir, those who have lost their lives cannot come back, but those who are still alive their lives could be saved; and it is the prime responsibility of the government to ensure that those in uniform exercise restraint and no more innocent people are killed.
The Indian para military forces also need to demonstrate their professional skills to control demonstrators without pulling gun triggers which only aggravate the situation.

Use of force and killing of innocent people is a scar on democratic ideals; and India is not winning minds and hearts of the people of Jammu and Kashmir when they see innocent young people bleeding on streets. The blood of innocent has provided fuel to the fire and has enormously strengthened hands of those who want to impose an extremist agenda on Kashmir.

The Kashmir dispute is a reality; and cannot be wished away. Jammu and Kashmir is disputed State, and requires an urgent attention. It requires a political solution. It requires peace and stability; and if immediate actions are not taken to redress the situation then forces of extremism, communalism and hatred will get stronger and destabilise the entire region.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope that some actions will be taken to control the situation; and appropriate strategy will be put in place to resolve the Kashmir dispute.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shabir Choudhry
Director Diplomatic Committee,
Kashmir National Party.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Brother
Aslaam alaiqom
As fellow kashmiri you must have followed President zardari's meeting with UK PM and subsequent speech in birmingham where the president made history of taking jootha beating,the president has not mentioned kashmir issue to the PM so where is the justification of pakistan acting as solicitor for kashmiri's nobody is soliciting for kashmiri's but taking kashmiri's for a fool especially those kashmiri puppets like our fellow ch Majid and CH Yasin these people are not interested in kashmir issue except their own interests their do not care about those who are being murdered in kashmir then these people must have insisted that president made kashmir issue public in his discussion with PM,this does goes to show that we need not to get too emotional with sweet talks and kniving politics of pakistani leadership,we need to change our own political priorities and need to unite with all other parties and some how intensify our efforts independently of pakistan whilst keeping pakistan on board.we need to engage with people of jammu as well as ladakh we need to get in touch with our kashmiri brothers in jammu and ladakh if not previously,we need to interact with kashmiri businesess and general community and start getting our politics toghether like the zionist jews and as well as those Ahmadiya non muslims who are as seen well organised we need to organise like thier have not that we need to learn anything from them i had this in mind and iam sure you did too it's just that we need to put into practice by expressing to our other muslim brothers including other kashmiri organistion so that we can be effective there are elements both in pakistan and india who does not want to kashmiri's to get organised as mentioned above.I am happy to work (no not for money) with your organistion so that i can contirbute to kashmir issue I do on individual basis but i think we can make difference collectively
our motive should be independent from both we reject freedom from one to be enslaved by another.I hope you will accept my offer of joining your organisation.


CH JHS Qattar Dudyal AJK
privacy appreciated