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Q1.Could you please brief me about what happened in 1988, which led to first local uprising in Kashmir?

Q1.Could you please brief me about what happened in 1988, which led to first local uprising in Kashmir?

1. Answer by Dr Shabir Choudhry

A. Roots of that uprising could be traced back to many years of mismanagement, maladministration and proxy politics by New Delhi. Turning point was rigged elections of 1987. People finally realised that they cannot have rights or positive changes by ballot. This frustration and anger was visible in the Kashmiri youths. At that time war or ‘Jihad’ in Afghanistan was coming to an end which could have made thousands of people ‘redundant’. These people were not employable in the sense of real employment, as the only skill they had was to use gun in guerrilla warfare and kill and destroy. A skill hardly useful for peace time and development or political stability. The authorities in Islamabad, who managed this ‘jihad’ in Afghanistan, were seriously concerned as these jihadi warriors could have created problems for the Pakistani society, so they had to find some thing for these jihadi warriors to keep them occupied.

B. Also keep in mind that Pakistani government always suspected India, perceived as arch enemy, and was worried that India might attack Pakistan, especially when Rajiev Gandhi was Prime Minister of India, so they wanted to ‘engage India’ and ‘keep India bleeding’ that she cannot consider any military adventure against Pakistan.

C. Apart from that Islamabad wanted to take revenge from India for 1971 defeat; and take revenge from Kashmiris for not ‘helping’ them in war of 1965 and in 1947.

D. But there is another aspect to this. In 1987 Amanullah Khan, Chair of JKLF was expelled from the UK because of alleged anti state activities. He felt very disappointed and frustrated, and envisaged no future for himself, as not many people like to abandon life style of Britain and live in Pakistan. Frustrated and demoralised Amanullah Khan became easy prey of ISI, elite secret agency of Pakistan which masterminded the ‘Jihad’ in Afghanistan. They offered him a deal which was previously rejected by a representative panel of senior leaders of the JKLF, as it was not in favour of the party, the movement and the Kashmiri nation.

E. The JKLF delegation which met senior ISI personnel consisted of five senior leaders of the JKLF, namely late Sardar Rashid Hasrat, Dr Farooq Haider, Hashim Qureshi, Aslam Mirza and Zubair Ansari who was Secretary General at the time of this meeting. Zubair Ansari told this writer that during the course of this meeting he bluntly told the officers that: ‘you are looking for sacrificial lambs (qurbani ke bakray) to target India and advance the interest of Pakistan’. He further said: ‘let me make it clear to you that we will not be part of your proxy war in which people of Jammu and Kashmir will suffer and it will not help our national struggle’.

F. Other members of the delegation, notably Hashim Qureshi was also very forceful in rejecting this deal. But to Amanullah Khan it was an opportunity of life time and he grabbed it with both hands, hence the JKLF provided raw material which was to be used in this ‘proxy war’ to advance Pakistan’s national interest.

G. What you got to remember is at that time there was no JKLF in Indian side of Jammu and Kashmir. Yasin Malik, Javed Mir, Ashfaq Wani, Hamid Sheikh and some others were asked to come to Muzaffarabad for training. The result of this training was the first violent action carried out by the JKLF on 31st July 1988.


Anonymous said...

no matter what one say, but only a blind man can-not see the reality:

the reality is:
1. the anti-india movement is valley specific.

2. human right violation are valley specific.

3. kashmiri pandits did not return to their home land for 21 years.

4. kashmiri muslim have failed to bring there minority community brothers back.

5. kashmiriyat is dead: since the basic ingredient of kashmiriyat is multi reiligious, multi cultural, which is tootally destroyed. (there is no sizable minority in the valley anymore -- the first level of success is achieved )

6. the slogans in the protest are anti-india and pro-islam.

7. the root cause of kashmiri muslim hateing india is their religion -- i know a true kashmiri will not accept this -- but the fact is the majority of population is driven by religion as first factor.

8. kashmiri muslim are very selfish, just like jinnah, they have no regard or concern for indian muslims, -- its of no concern for them, that as result of their agitation, muslims across the india can be hostage, like indian muslim have to listen for first parition in 1947, indian muslims will have to again listen for hundreds of years for these agitation or eventually secession.

9. i will not be surprised if there is no resolution for this dispute in my lifetime, for any resolution the balance of power has to decisevly tilt in the subcontinent which is not likely or predictable.

the above is my true belief based on my observation.

i wish i was wrong, but fact is muslims find it very diffuclt to adjust with other communities.

and other community live under life-threat in majority muslim areas/countries.

its worst kind of racism or apartheid, that too in in name of God -- the most merciful.


Anonymous said...

why dont muslims accept that there community in general can not live with other community.

its a proven fact across the globe.

probably the world should prohibit building mosque in there country like building church or temple is not allowed in Arabia.

or like non-muslims are not allowed to visit Makka, same way muslims should be allowed only a temproray permit to enter non muslim country.

and for Kashmir,
i will suggest indians to give the kashmir its full freedom so that we can live in peace (without the crazy-hate-mongering-muslims)

and also if possible, create one state specifically for muslims so that other religion people can a sense of relief.

we non-muslim find it very uncomforting when muslim talks about freedom.

its only matter of reading through the history of the atrocities perpetrated by muslim rulers around the globe including india.

still the hyprocrite muslims of today's generation feel proud in these invaders.

it may be qasim, khilji, taimur ...
there is no dearth of such examples.

and the muslims feel proud about their time and reign.

for us kashmiri who dont want to be with india, are just another jinnah or pakistani.

for a indian it make no difference if kashmiri dont think that they are pakistani.

for an indian, a secessionist muslim kashmiri is PAKISTANI ... thats it.

i know this will comment wont show up on this blog .. but i meant this comment for Mr Shabir only.

Anonymous said...

where are kashmiri muslim when leh has gone through the flood-crisis?

kashmiri think that valley is only kashmir and they can shut their eyes to both ladhak/leh and jammu.

good job kashmiris.

Anonymous said...

muslims dont allow minority to thrive in their countries, just like hitler did to jews.

only difference is hitler did not have a religion like islam to back him up.

once can check the recorded history of hindus and other minorities in afghanishtan, pakistan, bangaladesh and kashmir to confirm the above claim.

muslims are totalitarian and that is seconded by their religion.

kashmiri will make tall claims about kashmiriyat which is extinct anyways, they will practise kashmiriyat now between various sects of islam, as other communities had to migrate out of kashmir. (this is true both for pakistani kashmir and indian kashmir)

its only those people who dont know enough will trust the two-faced bigots and hypocrites called muslims.

muslims have truly emulated their prophet, who was totalitarian himself. ...

Anonymous said...

for kashmriyat:

can you please find the stats for how many temples were destroyed in last 60 years and now many new temples were constructed in Kashmir Valley?

the above should prove the point I am trying to make.


Anonymous said...

pakistan is more tolerant to hindus than kashmir valley.

there are 3 million hindus (although not secure and many bonded labrores) but atleast the count is greater than proportionate count of hindus in the valley.

shame on kashmiriyat.
use the mosques of masjid to exterminate hindus,

when time will come, god almighty will return it in full, in its own way.

Anonymous said...

people who make claim of pak-people and great religion of islam.

my basic question is .. where is islam and where is allah...

why is ummat silent for the tragedy in pakistan and why is allah allowing this calamit on poor people and keeping the rich and wealthy alive and flourshing.

why is islam is not an emancipator for huamnity even after 1400 years of its advent.

why is that founding a country in name of islam has not brought any good to pakistan.

is just getting a piece of land in name of religion or boasting in name of religion is going to solve the problems of the humanity?

Anonymous said...

"Dehshat ki intehah hai kashmiri"

kashmiri are so extermist that they dont allow the second voice to even exist in teh valley.

that are very clear if you are not with us, then leave the valley.

such animals demands civil right, human rights and democracy..

Anonymous said...

Teacher ask student: what is kashmiriyat?

student said:
india has 15 pc muslim.
kashmir valley has <1 pc hindus.
pakistan has <2 pc hindus.

after few years 15 pc muslim will ask for another homeland of their own .. that is was kashmiriyat is ... a farce.

Anonymous said...

kashmiri as best hypocrite.

they put the blame of martyr on India

and they keep changing the numbers as and when it suits them, sometime 60 K some time 100K.

isn't pakistan and its anti-india policy to do anything with these martyr.

indian state didnt went into houses to each one of these, they came against india with guns in hand.
they came with their pan-islam agenda.
hence if they die why they blame india?

its like pakistanis blaming india for soldiers died in 1965 or 1971

when you are adeversaries you should expect deads.

truly speaking if I meet any kashmiri especailly muslim, i will prefer not to engage with him in any manner.

and i truly do not understand why dont they agree that religion that is islam plays the most important role and character in their struggle?

why they keep saying that this is not religious but slogans on road are reverberting with "nar-e-takibit" "allah-hu-akbar" "nijam-e-mustafa" "la-illah ..."

kashmiri is synonymus to hypocrites,

Anonymous said...

kashmiri can't put together their own house (getting united), and in turn they are epic-center of trouble for whole of south asia.

kashmiris are united for only one thing -- that is anti india.
and that's becasue they think that india is hindu country.

if india was happen to be muslim majority country then they are fine.

also other than anti-india kashmiris are fragmented into atleast half a dozen different domains (like gilgiti, balti, ladhaki, etc)

but they have taken the whole of south asia hostage for their "struggle"

the "struggle" has no buyer beyond kashmir valley, for example, in gilgit, ladhak, jammu region.

then why not just ask for your azadi for the valley.

what right you have to keep the entire region hostage and that too under false pretence that you are representative of entire J and K.

who has made you representative?
you dont even go to areas like skardu, or leh, or rajouri and you claim to have "struggle" for whole j and k.

i think your struggle is for the your muncipality to get freedom.

i think valley should be given freedom adn followed by complete bycott fro next 100 years so that valley's struggle will have some logical conclusion for its people.

if valley is given "full" freedom and followed by "full" bycott by both india and pakistan , then valley will probably become another afghanistan.

which will be of high stragetic importance and will serve very well to new found friends from central asia or western countries.

Anonymous said...

my kashmir solution:

full independance for kashmir valley, (POK-AK and Kashmir Valley)

rest of area should be accede to india. (gilgit, bati, ladhak, kargil and jammu)

Anonymous said...

Dr Shabir,
how will you prove that kashmir struggle is not religious.

i can counter each of your point and produce more points to prove that kashmir struggle is pan-islamic in nature.

Anonymous said...

latest hypocrisy update for kashmiriyat.

separtist in IOk says that since they dont attack amarnath pilgirms they have proven that they are tolerant and secular.

wht a joke.

Anonymous said...

here you go:
china is trying to use or take over gilgit .....

Anonymous said...

religion is curse for humanity.

its matter of a PhD to determine the atrocities purely in name of religion as main driving factor in recorded history.

and i m sure religion is worst epidemic which humanity has known.

its slow poison or legitimate politics.

Anonymous said...

the current division is because of stubborn kashmiris.

if they would have acceded either to india or pakistan then atleast the death of innocent wont have happpened.

and the south asian region would be more safer.

but its for these miscreants that their own people as well as the whole region is suffering.

and do they realize that they are mere pawn in greater game?
even if they think their demand is genuine, but still they are and will be used in greater game of greater powers.

kashmiris have further poisoned the communal environment from where Muslim League and Jinnah's Pakistan left.

i wonder if there is any reversal possible or it will eventually settle with major major catastrophes?

Anonymous said...

Free Kashmir ??

I guess get ready for China's active involment in Gilgit and open a new front of your long struggle againtst one more stakeholder.

And you must be thankful to Pakistan for this gratitude.

Atleast India doesnt sell its land or honour like Pakistan does.

I am very proud that we fight chinese and dont give in to them,

We love our mother land (india) and over brothers including kashmiris, although some of them have another point of view.

but inshallah, God will give them light that its better to hang together than to get hangged one by one.

Anonymous said...

bloody jihad is back in the valley.

Anonymous said...

kashmir-valley freedom movement has seen some violent protest by yongesters recently.

kashmir-valley youth need freedom.

i guess india and pakistan should give kashmir-valley the freedom and have it land locked from all sides.

dogra rule actually created the boundaries of kashmir which kashmiri dispute,

it was not a kashmiri valley which has won over these boundaries anytime in history.

its unethical and illogical that why kashmir-valley want the whole jammu and kahsmir of Dogra-Rule to be liberated?

if kashmir-valley wants thenonly kashmir valley should be given the freedom.

they will have two rivers neelum and jhelum

and when catastrophe like landslide or earthquake will strike then they will come back to india and pakistan for help.


Anonymous said...

first local uprising which uprooted kashmiri pundits from valley

and then the brave kashmiris couldnt get back their brethern.

in living memory there are few parallels in world history for such historic local uprising.