Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Friends of Kashmir National Party announced

Friends of Kashmir National Party announced
London 02 November 2010

A meeting of like minded Kashmiris and Pakistanis took place in London to discuss issues related to Kashmir and South Asia. The participants of the meeting appreciated the good work carried out by leaders of the Kashmir National Party; and expressed their desire to support the mission of the KNP which is to promote peace and tolerance in South Asia.

After a detailed discussion it was decided that a party with a name of Friends of Kashmir National Party should be set up to support the work of the KNP. The new party Friends of Kashmir National Party aims to promote peace and pro people policies. The following people were elected office bearers of the new party:

Mr Imtiaz Ul Maqsood, President
Ejaz Piracha, Secretary General
Mansoor Bhatti, Treasurer

The newly elected President of Friends of Kashmir National Party, Imtiaz Ul Maqsood said: ‘I have known Dr Shabir Choudhry and Abbas Butt for many years and have closely interacted with them; and in my opinion they are very dedicated people who are advancing cause of people of Jammu and Kashmir. They are not anti Pakistan or anti India, they are pro Kashmir and pro peace leaders; and their efforts should be appreciated and supported’.

Imtiaz Ul Maqsood further said: ‘The biggest problem endangering peace and prosperity of this region is the issue of Kashmir. Because of this dispute all parties to the dispute suffer; and the biggest sufferer is the peace and economy of the region.’

Ejaz Piracha, Secretary General said: ‘This is our initiative; we members of the civil society feel that all those forces should be supported which promote peace and oppose forces of extremism, hatred and violence. All the members of the Friends of Kashmir National Party are non Kashmiris, and mainly consist of those Pakistanis who want peace in the region; and who want all the issues related to the South Asia, including the Kashmir dispute resolved by a process of dialogue.’

Choudhry Mohammed Shoaib who is a pro Pakistan Kashmiri leader also appreciated this move and assured the audience of their full support. He said: ‘There is no military solution to the Kashmir dispute and we must support the peace process and oppose those who preach violence and hatred’.

Asim Mirza on behalf the Kashmir National Party thanked all the participants and assured them of full support of the party. He said: ‘All those who support KNP vision for Kashmir and South Asia, but technically cannot become our members are welcome to join Friends of Kashmir National Party and promote cause of Kashmir and peace in South Asia’.

Imtiaz ul Maqsood, President
Email: imtiazmaqsood@yahoo.com
Ejaz Pracha, Secretary General: ejazpracha@yahoo.com

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