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US-Russia Collaboration: Shared Interests & Common Enemies

US-Russia Collaboration: Shared Interests & Common Enemies (Part-I)
-Dr. Abdul Ruff
NATO’s Europe Missile Shield
Recently, in the background of terror genocides and destruction in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as get Moscow support for the Afghan war, the NATO gang has approved US President B. Obama’s proposal for a new, expanded missile defense system for Europe. Russia has originally opposed the idea of European missile defense, fearing the shield would make Russia totally insecure and vulnerable.
The meeting in the Portuguese capital, precisely on November 19th, the 28 member NATO gang, bent upon maintaining it terror hold over the world for controlling the resources, agreed it’s new “strategic concept” on global “threats and challenges” in the 21st century as well as the “need” to keep the alliance as strong as in the Cold War period. NATO Terror Secretary-General Anders F Rasmussen said the system is expected to cost $273 million over the next ten years. “We will develop modern capabilities to defend against modern threats. We will reach out to partners around the globe. We will make a fresh start in our relations with Russia, with the aim of building a strategic partnership,” he said. The new strategic statement is intended to address new kinds of “threats and challenges” almost forever; Rasmussen for that reason called the “new concept” as one of the most important summits in NATO’s 61-year history, while Russia always wanted the alliance dismantled for the sake of world peace.
Joint operations offer benefits too. As a matter of formality, NATO asked Russia which it considers has become weak since the end of cold war, to cooperate with NATO and USA on their projects. The NATO agreement is one of the most important foreign policy achievements for Obama since he took office two years ago. On his trip to Asia recently, Obama had failed to get a free-trade agreement with South Korea or enough support from other countries to persuade China to change the way it handles its currency.
For the purposes of global consumption, the NATO “new strategy” underlines the need for international cooperation for energy security plus routes and against threats like cyber terror, the need for sustaining security and stability in the routes of supplies – which are under the threat of pirates, like in Somalia – and the need for coordination and cooperation against terrorism and radicalism. However, its real motives are different.
The NATO agreement is one of the most important foreign policy achievements for US president Obama since he took office two years ago. On his trip to Asia recently, Obama had failed to get a free-trade agreement with South Korea or enough support from other countries to persuade China to change the way it handles its currency. President Obama who the key speaker said America would have no means of verifying Russian nukes without the treaty. He claimed substantial progress was made in the summit, and he expects more to be made in meetings on the future of the war in Afghanistan.
President Obama says approval by NATO’s main decision-making body, the North Atlantic Council, will make Europe and the world more secure. “For the first time, we have agreed to develop missile defense capability that is strong enough to cover all NATO European populations, as well as the United States… Tomorrow our NATO allies, ISAF partners and the Afghan government will work to align our approach on Afghanistan, particularly in two areas: our transition to full Afghan lead between 2011 and 2014, and the long-term partnership that we are building in Afghanistan,” Obama said.
Unable either to escape the US-NATO trap or to present counter trap as Moscow used to do during the Cold war, Russian President D. Medvedev has once again warned the US led NATO terror syndicate against unilateral missile operations behind the shield project without involving the Kremlin – a former superpower that lost to all powerful US methods of bullying opponents. Moscow wants an unambiguous answer from NATO terror operators over Moscow’s role in a European missile defence shield. Medvedev warned that Russia would be forced to deploy its own nuclear weapons and missile defence shield if no agreement is reached and if Russia is not given an equal role in the one being deployed by Washington and its allies over Europe. Medvedev said “we are either together with NATO, or we separately find an adequate response to the existing problem. Either we agree to certain principles with NATO, or we fail to agree, and then in the future we are forced to adopt an entire series of unpleasant decisions concerning the deployment of an offensive nuclear missile group.”
Comprehending the US plans for the future, Moscow has warned the North Atlantic terror organization partners that they have to understand that “we do not want this simply to have some common toys that NATO and us can play with, but because we want adequate protection for Russia. So this is not a joking matter. We expect from our NATO partners a direct and unambiguous answer,” Medvedev said, during a meeting with Russia’s NATO envoy Dmitry Rogozin. However, Russia is also keen to enter the NATO with veto capability but the USA refuses to “buy the trouble”. Obviously, the unipolar USA with its hidden agendas wants everybody in the West and East to support the NATO operations to “free” despotic” nations to avoid turning into Russia controlled organizations like the OSCE, which has become a low-profile institution because of its loose structure starting from the late 1990s.
By the new global concept of NATO, USA sought to control global militaries and a manoeuvring space in the international arena in militaristic terms while undermining the functional power of the UN Security Council. NATO, which was founded to confront the perceived threat from the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact era, is trying to improve its relations with Russia in order to take it on board to pursue all its hidden agendas without hurdles whatsoever. So much so, President Medvedev took part in the NATO-Russia meeting, and met one-on-one with Obama.
The new NATO strategy against enemies, including Russia, is, as before, intended to address new kinds of “threats and challenges” and also to develop modern capabilities to defend against modern threats to be created by the CIA and its allies. Several eastern European leaders, who are still wary about Russian intentions, dutifully emerged to say they supported ratification of the treaty.
In fact, the NATO wants to reach out to similar state terror partners with military prowess around the globe and is keen to rope in Russia which opposes NATO’s terror operations openly considered as serious embarrassment for NATO plans for the future. USA and NATO jointly aim at building a “strategic partnership” with Russia, the chief enemy. Russia’s key ally China has objected to NATO’s hidden plans. Though Russia is not mentioned as a “serious threat” for obvious strategic reasons, West swears Russia still remains the top threat for the West.
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د. عبد راف
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