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Afzal Tahir’s reply to a Pakistan agent

Afzal Tahir’s reply to a Pakistan agent

There is 90% support for united and independent state of Kashmir both in so-called Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. To suggest that pro-Independent opinions in PoK (AJK+GB) are in minority, is the best joke of 21st century. This is the reason that no person in PoK (AJK + GB) is allowed in participate in political activities for United and Independent Kashmir. It is criminal offence as per the imposed law by the colonial army of Pakistan. The following facts prove the case that more than 90% are for United and Independent State of Kashmir, that is from Lakhanpure to Hunza and from Oksichin to Mangla:

1: Army action to suppress the pro-independent voices during 1955 where thousands put behind bar including late Sardar Mohammad Ibrahim Khan.

2: Pakistan Military maintaining files against Kashmiri leaders who apparently known as pro-Pakistan that they are secretly working for Independent Kashmir such as late KH Khurishid, late Sardar Mohammad Ibrahim Khan, Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan, Choudhry Noor Hussain, late Col Husson Khan of Gilgit and many more. These leaders are openly known as pro-Pakistan but no Kashmiri want merger with India or Pakistan but a treaty of accession. Accession is always with two or more independent states such as European Union. 

3: To manipulate and distort the ground reality and project secret agents of Pakistani agencies to the world community is going on since 1948. For example, during 1948 late Sardar Mohammad Ibrahim Khan was part of Pakistani official delegation but Pakistani secret service was distributing handbills and pamphlets with the picture of Dr. Deen Mohaamd Tasir, father of late Sulman Tasir with the name of Sardar Mohammad Ibrahim Khan as Kashmiri leader. It mean, they were presenting Dr. Tasir as Sardar Mohammad Ibrahim Khan to the diplomatic community. Why they choose to fraud with international community if Sardar Ibrahim Khan was for Pakistan and not for Independent Kashmir.   

4: Artificial Pakistani Political Parties been created by ISI and  Army in PoK (AJK+GB). Why they did this if majority population prefer slavery over freedom? It mean the whole picture that has been created in PoK is fake and it is due to bribing political workers or using force of intimidation/fear of terror, torture, force disappearance and extra Judicial killing. 

5: Thousands of cases registered against pro-Independent political workers and finally they forced out of their motherland. Hundred of thousands Kashmiri from PoK (AJK+GB) who mange to escape the death in the hands of Pakistani sponsored terrorists are political refuges in Europe, North America or escaping in Middle East. If there is no discontent against Pakistan then why they run away and took refuge thousands of miles away from their mother land, near and dears?

6: No pro-Independent political parties can stand in so-called election or get any government job. Why?

7: A case registered against myself under 124 APC which is high treason for one of my TV interview. As per the subject FIR that was registered at Rawalakot Police Station by direct orders from Islamabad not from Muzfarabad , that I said in my TV interview that "Pakistan is using Kashmir for it's own interest not for freedom of Kashmiri people, which is detrimental to the states ideology of accession to Pakistan".
8: I am facing high treason in Pakistan just because of my interview and I am not allowed by India for unknown reason to visit IoK. How on earth Kashmir International Front would prove that it don't enjoy popular support for its program?  

The world is not fool, they know every thing. Before raising the question that who enjoy popular support, let the foreign armies, both Indian and Pakistani and let the UN Peace Keeping to take charge of the security situation and then people would elect their representatives to formulate their constitution to settle their future. That would prove black and white. Fooling Pakistani and Indian ruling tugs and pocketing poor masses money and issuing distorting statements would never help.
Thanks. Afzal Tahir 
 Afzal Khan Tahir 

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