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Stance of APNA on Arif Shahid and Gilgit Baltistan, by Tara Khan

Stance of APNA on Arif Shahid and Gilgit Baltistan, Tara Khan

·       Physically very robust and broadly well built, mentally extremely determined and exceptionally dynamic; this very unique sudhan and punchi martyred leader of the disputed state of Gilgit Baltistan laddakh (Bolor) and  Jmmu Kashmir will be infinitely remembered in the annals of history. At the same time the brute, inhumane and shameless creatures of the security forces at the top will never be forgotten for his state sponsored murder in the same leafs of history. He was an impressive forceful speaker, a vivid writer, meticulous organizer with foresight and a vibrant spearheading dedicated soul. Since childhood, he was recognized as a leader in the making and even Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan was impressed by the political oratory of young Sardar Arif Shahid. The Punjabi nucleas nervous system’s dwindling and Punjabi interests suiting; fluctuating, monopolized Kashmir policy of Pakistan Army; once saw Sardar Arif Shahid in an armed position within an airport of an Arab land alongwith another stalwart and this change of their heart at the last moment was the start of Sardar’s increasing mistrust on them. He was put in the dungeons of Arab lands many a times and also suffered humiliation and torture several times in the underground torture cells of the intelligence agencies of the GHQ of Pakistan army and made to sign this and that document.

He himself narrated the recent ordeal and indescribable physical and mental torture meted out to him by GHQ’s ISI / MI elements in isolation in Mirpur jail, during the Feb 2013, meeting of APNA.  He had spent many jail terms and police station detentions in various jails of Pakistan occupied Jammu Kashmir jails and police stations. He was also taken into custody and deported from Giglit before holding a public gathering to condemn 28 Apr 1949 infamous Karachi Agreement.

He along with many a times APNA chairman, Mirza Wajahat Hassan and many political leaders and activists of Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan and Jammu Kashmir in 2001, demonstrated effectively in Islamabad for restoration of the declaration of the only weekly K.2 newspaper with motto “The voice of the land without constitution- Sarzameen-e-Baeaien ki Awaz”, and implementation of withheld with ulterior motives State Subject rule in GB. All of them were hauled up and jailed in death cell of Adiala jail – Rawalpindi. He was the backbone of the struggle to bring into limelight disputed Gilgit Baltistan (Northern Area) factor in the international, regional and local dispute political equations and thus at least achieve the partial identity factor. He was pivotal in a realistic portrayal of European parliament’s adopted resolution on, “Kashmir dispute- the present position and future prospects”. He also played a basic role in organizing gatherings and devising ways to introduce, promote and establish facts on the prison days written book based on autobiography of late Colonel Mirza Hassan Khan. It is worth mentioning here that Col Hassan of Gilgit and his family has been an enigma to the GHQ, from the very beginning till todate.

It is very pertinent to mention that the Pakistan occupied Jammu Kashmir factor, rightly in the basic equation on both sides of the ceasefire line, dilutes and dispels the artificially created satanic sectarian divide and rule by the evil monger and disciples of satan elements of Pakistan Army. Sardar Arif Shaheed played a leading role in breaking apart the iron curtain imposed over the real issue of the Gilgit Baltistan factor of Kashmir dispute and thus simplified the otherwise intentional compoundingly misunderstood Kashmir dispute. He was a man much larger than life and was unifying the disputed regions through the platform of APNA. He was a man of divine forces pitched against evil forces. He was instrumental in breaking apart the iron curtain installed over Gilgit Baltistan and thus checked the evil. APNA is demanding the resolution of Kashmir dispute starting from the north i.e. Siachen glachier and Indian and Pakistan armies to demilitarize northern area province, so as to facilitate the solution of the dispute.

·       It is very strange to note that the GHQ’s spokesman is now of the unnerved opinion that Sardar Arif Shahid’s murder cannot be put into the category of martyrdom. He opines that it was carried out by either a Muslim or a RAW agent. This spokesperson is an accomplice in this murder and the country he is residing now is suppose to hold him accountable. Initially, he said that a relative of Sardar Arif committed this crime, than a business partner did that (no name, no details). Thereafter, he was of the view that Sardar Arif Shahid’s APNA and other colleague nationalists were collaborating with India and than he was eulogizing Sardar Arif Shahid and now he is again downplaying the murder. What he means by “either”?

This signifies the fact that the tentacles of GHQ Rawalpindi were not expecting this much reaction and were simply not ready for it, in their overconfidence and arrogance about state sponsored murders and a fashion of competition in the higher up butcher intelligence operatives that I have done up so many and how much have you done? These blood thirsty beasts need to be boldly chained now, in their present state of nervousness and reactionary behavior. Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S), Hazrat Ali  (A.S), Hazrat Usman (R.A) and numerous other revered personalities of Islam were killed by so called Muslims. Similarly, legendary Agha Zia Shaheed of Gilgit was also conspired and killed by the so called muslims of the so called Islamic GHQ. These two GHQ sponsored murders in disputed Gilgit Baltistan and now in Pakistani Occupied Jammu Kashmir have put these two disputed identities in the phase of armed struggle of the masses against colonizing forces. Purely from the Islamic Shariah point of view, very comfortably Sardar Arif Shahid can be put into the category of martyrdom, as he was engrossed in Mujahidana (jihadi) activities against oppression, tyranny and injustice, besides; he was a person much above religious and sectarian notorious bigotries and had an open humane heart and mind. He was practically for the lofty sacred Islamic ideals.

·       APNA-BJK, very strongly and openly; beyond any doubt is striving very hard to achieve complete independence, liberty and justice for the enslaved, oppressed and befooled people of the disputed state, this and that side of the artificially divide for the last 65 years; from the clutches of the dominions of India and Pakistan. These two dominions were entrusted with these colonial prizes of the State of Kashmir in a wickedly well planned and far reaching scheming of the colonial master brains. This continuing slavery in an updated form and the slavish attitude of the masses goes much beyond these 65 years of so called independence of these dominions and the biggest challenge to APNA is this indigenous aborigine slavish behavior, attitude and lack of revolutionary thought. However, APNA has the legacy of those, who have beaten, arrested and made smarter moves than those and these imperialists. APNA is befittingly maneuvering in the international arena and has a superior and bull hitting religio political strategy caring for the wishes and aspirations of all religions, sects, linguistic, cultural and ethnic identities and communities. It has a good number of leaders having military experiences and knows how to ensure and enhance security parameters, know the enemy and resort to all other possible peaceful means before final militancy. It is building up psychological aspects of struggle. We can assure the state subjects that the difference for the good is being achieved with each passing day. All people of the disputed State are and should be NATIONALISTS. Is there any other terminology; except for being bootlickers of the dominions of India and Pakistan? Why the hell the dominions of India and Pakistan are our contenders like husbands? Who has given them this right? Offcourse! All this fuss is without our consent. As far as the independence or a separate country or a union of countries is concerned; this very opinion was given to us by Muhammad Ali Jinnah of United Pakistan and was also inbuilt into the 15 Aug 1947, Standstill Agreement concluded, between Maharaja Kashmir and Jinnah.

·       The overwhelming Punjabi domination of Pakistan Army with 95% officers, 98% generals and 80% Punjabi troops is in actual fact a mercenary army of those with money and dominating global influence. However; they have kept some checks on them. From the very beginning of her first and second English Commander in Chiefs, to the present day chief of army staffs; almost all are their lackeys and following the footsteps as black Englishmen (angraiz). Some non Punjabi chiefs at the topmost level have been there because of absolute dearth of leadership qualities among them but even they had to listen and function according to the wishes of 98-100 % Punjabi under command generals.

The Punjabi elites are extremely self centered and short sighted to the extent that they have even damaged their own masses and their country named Pakistan. They have never ruled in history and creation of Pakistan has provided them an opportunity to misrule. Their perception and version of Pakistan is strange and self suiting. Kashmir dispute has provided them an opportunity to keep a fat army and thus rub all other non Punjabis and keep the dispute alive, so as to keep in turn their interests and perk and privileges alive. The Muslim Punjabis prefer the Sikh Punjabis more than the Pathan, Kashmiri, Gilgiti, Balti, sindhi and Baloch Muslims.

This Punjabi Army’s illegal presence in disputed Gilgit Baltistan and Jammu Kashmir is spread over all walks of life i.e. political, religious, sectarian, cultural, economic, security and psychological. They have been given a free hand because they are the best bootlickers of those who pay them. Gilgit Baltistan is virtually a prison with a singular road to Pakistan, which is under effective control of Army and its dearest covert inhuman assets.

·       This Punjabi army’s stranglehold over all important spheres of life, coupled with the twisted English manufactured Islamic version of the kings of Saudi Arabia has damaged the basis of Pakistan beyond repair now. The Pakistan army chief and Chiefs of its premier intelligence agency are declared “The brothers of Saudi Royal Family”. The previous DG ISI, Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha- from a deserter family of East Punjab is now chief security advisor to the lord of UAE. They have also constructed a hospital for him there to earn.

Where are the state secrets and official secret act of the Govt of Pakistan? This very General Headquarters covertly and criminally operates through three lines of actions. Firstly; through the Chain of command and the commanders at various levels have intelligence outfits at their disposal and some at sensitive places they occasionally carryout murders, kidnappings, blasts and ambushes e.g. the Force commander of Northern Area at Gilgit, General officer commanders at Quetta, Karachi, Peshawar etc. The second line of action is through its inbuilt faster to report to the chief and act i.e. Military Intelligence e.g. Adiala road action. The third one is the ISI.

·       In Gilgit, the covert chain of command operations are going on for very long and we have ample recorded proofs with timings, events, responsible officials etc. e.g. Kohistan and Babusar Ambushes of the year 2012. For such daredevil actions against innocent civilians; the army commanders and intelligence operatives stationed in Gilgit Baltistan, at various levels have been given standing operative procedural promotions. The commander FCNA named Maj Gen Ikram ul Haq was elevated to a promotional appointment like many before him, after 2012, Gilgit Baltistan; teaching a lesson to the innocent civilian- covert operations. The present one – Mr Hafiz of Pothowar- Punjab is a very dubious character placed on that appointment. Nobody operates at his own in army and the canny, chameleon and a character having collective traits of a fox, jackal and a wolf is calling the shots, shamelessly. He has also given incentive promotions to the three consecutive ISI sector commander Brigadiers, one after the other; for all the sectarian massacres, ethnic cleanings and other forms of violence going on in Quetta- Balochistan.

This devil worshipper has the same modus operandi in Karachi, Peshawar and other places. We have undeniable recorded proofs. We are picking up the courage to check this sophisticated serial killer. This shameless creature should clarify that as Corps Commander 10 Corps, responsible for Gilgit situation; till little before the state sponsored murder of Allama Agha Syed Zia ud Din Rizvi Shaheed on 8th Jan 2005, and then at that time as DG ISI ! Was he involved in this heinous crime? We know for sure that another liar and coward; army chief, Gen Pervez Musharraf ordered this killing in a presentation session in 2004.

These generals’ carryout acts of sectarian murders and then engulf the local population into sectarian clashes and tensions through their agents.  It is simply divide and rule within the prison atmosphere of Gilgit Baltistan. General Heardquartes tried its level best and is still endeavoring to disfigure, twist and change the concerned political history of Gilgit Baltistan, downplay the 1 Nov 1947, interim Islamic republic established in Gilgit for the liberated disputed territories and disguise its true disputed status; but all this has failed now. The local authority government established at Muzafarabbad is much short of the real local authority govt and is being increasingly punjabiased, transformed into a rag tag form and the high standards of ethics and morality of the people of Jammu and Kashmir are degenerating very fast.

·       All Parties National Alliance- Bolor Jammu Kashmir has maintained itself very well for well above a decade, despite very heavy odds and uphill circumstances. It has no dearth of leadership, capable people belonging to all walks of life and takes into account all shades from extreme left to extreme right. It has an enviable history and background. It is all representative and has an undefeatable superior strategy from North to South and East to West of the disputed state and for the World to solve this international problem. It has achieved a grand geostrategic equilibrium in the disputed state and believes that the unimportant considered people of the disputed State should be transformed into the most important people of the important regions. It firmly believes that all powers of the region, Asia and West should become agents of the people of disputed state and serve their interests.

The UN should restart its dwindled work on the disputed state and some necessary amendments should be incorporated into the agreements of India, Pakistan and the World on the basis of the opinions of the sons of the soil, which was not earlier taken into consideration i.e. change in the composition of UN commission, inbuilding of complete independence option, full withdrawl of Pakistan army as agreed and also full withdrawl of the Indian army instead of the bulk of Indian army as agreed by Pakistan. An appropriately composed UN force in good number should be stationed on both sides of the ceasefire line to implement the solution of resolution of dispute. The state subject rule in Gilgit Baltistan is considered enforced. The cheating and hoodwinking in Gilgit Balistan be stopped and it should be brought at par with Muzaffarabbad and Srinagar. The real local authority governments in Gilgit and Muzaffarabbad be established in real sense of the term and the local armies be reverted back to these local authority govts. No Pakistani or Indian political parties should be allowed to participate in elections in the entire disputed State. No international agreements around the disputed State involving disputed territories be allowed without the consent of UN and approval of the real local Authority governments.

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