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Present situation - Pakistan, by S U Turkman, Washington

Present situation - Pakistan, by S U Turkman, Washington
In response to my article, ‘
Tourism and terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir’, S Turman has written this; and it is worth reading:

Please read the following. Pakistan has a lot bigger Islamic aims than just worrying about Foreign Tourism.

On June 28th, 2013 Japanese Government TV NHK's International English News were cancelled for a special Segment on Pakistan. Professor Hasan Askari of Punjab University, Lahore was representing Pakistan and a Beijing University Political Science Professor was representing Communist China.  
The Japanese Moderator had said, "We know, 90% of Pakistan's Foreign Policy is run by Pakistan Military, ..." and asked, "what change can newly elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif cause in Pak Foreign Policy in this situation?"

ASKARI : "Nawaz Sharif would be managing Foreign Policy in consultation with Pak Military. ... "

MODERATOR : "Pakistan has been complaining about US Drone Attacks on a small Territory that its Military claims to have no control over. Pakistan has 6th largest Military in world, how come it has not been able to control such a small part of Pakistan for last 10 years and its letting Taliban use it as Spring Board to attack Afghans and Foreign Troops in Afghanistan?"

ASKARI : "There are 2 kinds of Taliban. There are Pakistani Taliban and there are Afghan Taliban and they have created a link with each other. Afghan Taliban have been doing this and killing Pakistanis in Pakistan also"

MODERATOR : "Give us a Time Frame within which Pakistan would be able to get rid of them?"

ASKARI : "You see, Taliban have very deep Roots in Pakistan and we would not be able to control them completely even in next 7 years"

MODERATOR : "What are Chinese views about this situation?"

CHINESE PROFESSOR : "Pakistan should resolve her issues with India peacefully. It seems Pakistan does not like our relations with India. Looking from practical point of view, we have $ 36 billion worth of trade with India and we can not ignore our this BRICS nation. Our Trade with Pakistan is almost nothing compared to that. On the other hand, we consider Pakistan a good Friend and like a Brother Country and we are ready to help Pakistan, invest in Pakistan to develop its infrastructure but it has to get rid of Taliban right away to make it become possible. How can we work on any project in Pakistan, when even our lives are not safe there? Just a couple of days ago, Taliban killed 9 Foreign Mountain Climbers. 2 of them were Chinese and one was Chinese from USA". 
Later Incidents: 

China had negotiated with France to provide technology to build an Electricity Generating Nuclear Reactor. China was paying money to France for it and was build with her money in Pakistan. After the above interview, China cancelled order of French Nuclear Power Reactor and ended discussion with Pakistan about other Investment Projects. Trying to reverse this situation, Pak Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has immediately flown to China on July, 1st.  
1. Japanese Moderator's start up comments mean, World now knows, Pakistan is a Military Staged Democracy. 

2. Pakistan is saying since Taliban that she had created in 1994 are not causing anything terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan therefore, there's no need to get rid of them. 

3. Indirectly, Pakistan is blaming USA for ... 
* ... not controlling Afghan Taliban, while she keeps protesting US Drone Attacks on them.     
* ... causing killings of Pakistanis in Pakistan through Afghan Taliban, which sounds stupid because how can USA cause that but not end of same Afghan Taliban Attacks on her own Soldiers in Afghanistan? 

4. Pakistan Military does not care, China helps Pakistan overcome Energy Shortage and Black Outs or not because she has preferred the idea of keep supporting Taliban instead, not what is good for Pakistan and Pakistanis.

5. Pakistan completely rejects idea of getting rid of Taliban completely. 

6. Paki Professor did not explain, why 650,000 strong Pak Military can not control Waziristan, population 800,000, where a  thousand Taliban live amongst the locals despite receiving.

7. Pakistan came up with theory of 2 kinds of Taliban but has provided no Physical Evidence of that to the world so far at all.

8. Pakistan seems to be saying, 'since her Taliban are neither causing any terrorism in Afghanistan nor in Pakistan, why should she get rid of them, when the fact is, there are no two kinds of Taliban and all of them are Pak Military Pay Roll with Death Compensation to their Families same as Pak Army Soldiers. 
1. Pakistan Military has received more than $ 14 billion in US Military Aid, F-16s and advanced Helicopter Gunships to get rid of Taliban on a promise of doing that more than a decade ago but has done practically nothing.  

2. Instead, Pakistan has recruited a lot of Pakistan Born and raised 2nd Generation of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan as Taliban. 

3. When UNCHR was paying Cash to Afghan Refugees for going back to Afghanistan, these Recruits also went back and more keep going back disguised as Afghans coming back to their country but they are actually Pakistanis now and have no sympathy with Afghans. 

4. The Pakistan Educated Agents of ISI have found jobs in Afghan Police and Military and they recruit local Afghans to attack Foreign Troops also. They have been attacking Afghan Troops and Police also. 
5. Its easy for ISI Agents to attack Foreign and Local Troops in Afghanistan because they already have access to Weapons and they are wearing Afghan Military and Police Uniforms now. 
Pakistan Military does not care about Chinese Charity of Aid and or ending Energy Shortage of the country because it can not get rid of Taliban. Why?
It seems, after US Military leaves in 2014, in disguise of Taliban, JehaaDi Pak Military would take over Afghanistan again like it had in 1996. It would be turning it in to a Pariah Islamic Terrorist State, openly training Recruits in its JehaaDi Camps arriving from all over world to terrorize and blackmail world more with its Nuclear Weapons. It means, USA would be having completely failed situation after her 2014 pull out from Afghanistan. USA has gotten her thousands of Soldiers killed and hundreds of billions of dollars blown away in Afghanistan just because of her trust in Pakistan and she would be leaving Afghanistan without achieving anything.

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