Wednesday, 25 September 2013

KNP wants to promote peace and tolerance, Abbas Butt

KNP wants to promote peace and tolerance, Abbas Butt
London        25 September 2013

‘We are peace loving people who want to promote peace and tolerance in the region, especially in the State of Jammu and Kashmir where peace and stability is shattered by the activities of extremists and terrorists’, declared Abbas Butt, Chairman of Kashmir National Party.

‘Our aim is to oppose forces of occupation and those who promote religious intolerance and violence; and advance the cause of peace and create a society where all citizens of the divided State of Jammu and Kashmir can live in peace and harmony’, added Mr Abbas Butt who was speaking to the party colleagues after receiving update from the Neelam Valley where the KNP is planning to hold a Peace Rally and a Peace Conference to oppose activities of the armed militants who want to sabotage the peace of the region.

Abbas Butt further said, ‘Kashmir National Party actively promotes unification and independence of the entire former Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir; and strongly believes that use of gun is not the way forward. Gun and its use has only brought death, destruction and misery to the people on both sides of the line of Control; and all peace loving people must oppose those who spread extremism, violence and hatred’.

KNP president for Azad Kashmir and Pakistan, Afzal Suleria is actively working with the local people in the Neelam Valley to hold a Peace Rally and a Peace Conference in Athmaqaam, in the Neelam Valley. He has gained full support of the Anjuman e Tajraan, which represents to business people of the area. Also he has gained support of the local journalists, Press Club in Athmaqaam and the local political activists. Afzal Suleria has set up peace committees in various parts of the Neelam Valley who will help the KNP to organise the event which will take place on 30th September 2013.

Abbas Butt said, ‘This event is to promote peace and tolerance, and we hope that the authorities and secret agencies will not create any hurdles or try to intimidate us. Also we hope that all peace loving people of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan and India will support our endeavour and peaceful struggle’.

Issued by Dr Shabir Choudhry

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