Wednesday, 2 October 2013

India claims Pak army fires again on LOC

India claims Pak army fires again on LOC
SrinagarThe Army today said Indian troops were being "heavily engaged" by continuous firing from Pakistan, but denied that Pakistani troops had occupied a ghost village in Jammu and Kashmir along the Line of Control.

Lt Gen Gurmeet Singh, GOC 15 Corps today held a press conference in Srinagar where he gave details about the operation. Here are the highlights:
·         Any violation of territorial integrity will never be accepted by us
·         We have 5 soldiers who are injured but all stable ; there are no fatal casualties till now
·         There were specialised troops
·         We are prepared for such operations, this is our role; have faith in us.  
·         Dead bodies of militants are of no concern to us
·         Rare for military commander to talks about any operation till it is complete
·         There have been many rumours -  that's not fair. Wait for the ops to be over, we'll share details with you
·         I am singularly proud of my soldiers the way they have been fighting this nefarious and massive infiltration attempt
·         Your soldiers, your Army is ready for any challenge
·         My troops are in control of this area, it's absolutely absurd - no village or observation post taken
·         Premature for me to comment in specific terms - but analysing methodology, this was a action-cum-infiltration by Border Action Teams or BAT; number of militants is very large and the way they've been fighting
·         I am confident of my troops. Indian Army is working with commitment and professionalism
·         This is an on-going operation and sharing inputs will impact my soldiers
·         Why should I rush? Time is on my side. They have done this audacity to violate the LoC and we have taken them on
·         Since I have already cordoned this area, we'll be able to carry on with the operation the way we want
·         I find the suggestion that the Air Force is supporting us absurd
·         We have a continuous process of change of units - even if there were a change of troops, there would be no dip in alert or preparedness
·         Anti-infiltration obstacle system is excellent for the purpose it was put there
·         I would not like to commit to a time frame, we would do it in a very deliberate way
·         Remnants of militants are still holed up there, we are beginning the last phase of ops but will never try to hurry - be patient
·         Retrieving the dead bodies of militants is of no consequence or importance to me. What is important is the firing that is coming needs to be eliminated

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