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Bangladesh has a Nuclear Power Plant

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The First Nuclear Power Plant by Prof.Lutfor Rahman

The first Nuclear Power Plant in Bangladesh is going to be inaugurated on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 in Rooppur under the district of Pabna. This is the replication of a new technology after half a century. The initiative to set up the plant was taken in early 60s when the region was under the then government of Pakistan.

At that time, Rajshahi University, the only university in the north Bengal had just started with some relevant subjects particularly Nuclear Physics. The message of establishment of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant created great hope among the students of Physics departments (Nuclear Physics, Solid State Physics and Applied Physics) of Rajshahi University of getting jobs there. The students were also informed that the then Chairman (Professor Dr. Ahmed Hossain) of the Physics department of Rajshahi University is going to take the Chair of Director of the Rooppur Power project. Those students have come out from the university with M.Sc or Ph.D degrees in time and most of them have retired from their respective professions.
Though it is a long gap Ц but ultimately going to happen and this information gives me (one student of 1965 - 69) much pleasure like others who were the students of Physics department at that time.

Things have changed, technology has developed a lot, risks have minimized but benefits have increased many times. The country is no more Pakistan it is the Independent Bangladesh that we have won through liberation war in 1971 taking active participation as freedom fighters. Now the responsibility is ours to shape our country the way we feel the best.

Unfortunately, we are not yet empowered and skilled enough to set up a nuclear project like the Rooppur project using our own technology. As such we need to look for someone who can do the job according to our needs and expectation. We must have lots of questions regarding the costs and peoples safety to the foreign partner. They must satisfy us through their unique answers.

As learnt from the national dailies, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina would inaugurate the country's first ever nuclear power plant. There will be two units of the Rooppur NPP, each of 1,000 MW capacities. The Russian delegates including the director general of RussiaТs state-owned nuclear power operator, Rosatom, is attending the programme. Other delegates include high government officials, nuclear energy experts, nuclear educationists and others.

Some citizens of Bangladesh have raised complex questions about safety of the people living around the project areas. As citizen of an independent country everybody has got the right to raise questions. This is the high time for us to ask questions to the delegates. Complexities or doubts in mind must be removed through face to face discussion or dialogue at the project area.

Dr. Lutfor Rahman, Professor of CSE at Stamford University, former VC of science-technology university and freedom fighter, Email: lutfor@agni. com
Mobile: 01713-081768


1. Pakistan's 1st 125 MW Nuclear Power Plant had started working in 1965
2. Present Capacity 25 MW. 
3. More small (up to 350 KW) Nuclear Plants have been under construction in Pakistan for years but Bangladesh's 3 more 1000 MW Plant are going to be operational soon also, leaving Pakistan behind in dust in Nuclear Energy Production. 
4. Pakistan's Power Shortage is a lot higher than Bangladesh's.
5. China had offered to build 2 big Nuclear Plants free if Pakistan gets rid of Taliban. 
6. Pakistan Military refused so, China has taken back that offer and there are no other major Nuclear Power Plant Building offers on the Table for Pakistan anymore.   

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