Thursday, 14 November 2013

“If you can’t stop rape, you might as well enjoy it”, Ranjit Sinha, Director CBI

“If you can’t stop rape, you might as well enjoy it”,  Ranjit Sinha, Director CBI 
“If you can’t prevent rape, you might as well enjoy it.”  This ‘advice’ was given by the Director, CBI, India’s equivalent of the FBI,Mr Ranjit Sinha on Tuesday (12 Nov) during a CBI conference on illegal sports betting and the need to legalise gambling.
Mr Sinha’s comments have rightly angered vast numbers of people all over the country, especially the women, and women’s and liberal organisations.  They are demanding his resignation.

Seeing such a public outcry, Mr Sinha has issued a statement, saying, “I regret any hurt I’ve caused”!  However, Mr Sinha’s such regret is not acceptable to the angry public.  I was watching the Aaj Tak Indian Channel and it showed Ms Brinda Karat, a senior leader of the Communist Party of India (CPI), condemning the said statement and rejecting rightly the apology as  wrapped in “ifs and buts”, showing no real regret: “If I’ve caused any hurt..”

I agree with Ms Karat.  Of course Mr Sinha has caused immense hurt.  There is no question of if.  Therefore, I hope the civil society in Pakistan too would condemn Mr Sinha’s statement, demand his resignation and extend solidarity to Indian women.

Our message to Mr Sinha should be,  
“If you can’t resign, then enjoy the sacking”

Suraiya Makhdoom
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