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“Kill ‘n Dump: That’s What Pakistan Do in Balochistan”,By Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

 “Kill ‘n Dump: That’s What Pakistan Do in Balochistan”
By Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

Maanawaaraa Sunhinnaa, Maanawaaree Mitthirree,
Saaeen aeen Saainni, Waja and Banok,

Khushi hujo shaala sadaaeen. May thee all be blessed and hallowed.

Balochistan is an occupied, enslaved and barbarically bashed and brutalised Nation, today! No son or daughter of Balochistan likes to live under this high-handed slavery and enforced servitude! Balochs have taken up Arms and are now fighting a War of Survival and Freedom against their rogue, corrupt and terrorist occupiers, Pakistan – their Armed Forces and Intelligence Serbvices.

In order to quell this insurgency in Balochistan, the enforced disappearances of hapless, helpless and powerless young and old Balochs are endemic. Balochs go missing for months or years on end. Laterm, their bullet-riddled, tortured and often unrecognizable bodies turn up on roadsides, drains and bushes. This practice has been called Pakistan’s “Kill and Dump” policy and both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have provided documentation of numerous cases

Many Baloch revered and respected elders and noble and worthy leaders have been brutally assassinated.With the Pakistani Military’s killings of beloved Baloch leaders Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in 2006 and Balach Marri in 2007, Balochs – Political Parties and Groups and many within the general population - have invigorated their efforts, from a mere talk of ‘divorce’ into a full-blown demand for Independence.

The Line of Freedom (A True Story) – Pakistan’s Dirty War against Baloch is a film made by brothers Noordin and Bhawal Mengal in early 2012. This is an excellent production that shows the brutality of Pakistani-Punjabi Armed Forces in their “Provonce” Balochistan.

This film is about the ongoing human rights crisis in Balochistan, a large province in south-western Pakistan. British filmmaker, David Whitney, was commissioned by the producers of this Film to help them achieving their objective of showing the entire World the reality of Balochistan.

Shooting of the film, “The Line of Freedom”, began in September 2012, after a lengthy development phase. The cast and crew braved high temperatures in the desert and mountains to shoot this short film at an undisclosed location. After the production stage, editing was done in the United Kingdom (UK) and, finally the film was completed in late 2012.

This film is based on a true story of a young Baloch boy, Shaheed Nasir Daarzai, who was cunningly abducted, brutally tortured and savagely murdered by the barbarian Pakistani military as part of its “Kill and Dump” policy and Dirty War against Baloch people.

Please see the tragic film here and read about the glorious Land of Balochistan and its valiant and versatile people.

Sindh and Balochistan has had a long relationship, centuries old, since the beginning of time. They had been neighbours since time immemorial and had developed an aura of love, trust and devotion, based on mutual-respect and selfless relationship.

In the past these two evergreen and effervescent, valiant and verdant, exuberant and enlightened people of Mother Sindh and Mother Balochistan have always side-by-side to each other. Together they have fought bravely numerous battles and wars against the barbaric occupying, tyrant invading and inhuman bunch of conquerors from Central Asia, Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan.

Read another heart-wrenching story of teenager Izzat Baloch, son of Tangi Baloch, killed and dumped by the barbaric Pakistan army. Izzat was abducted on November 8th, 2013 from Maheer area of Mand, Balochistan, when the occupying Pakistani army raided the house of Tangi Baloch and abducted five from the family:

Today, secular and humane Balochistan is fighting a War of Freedom, Honour and Survival against the illegitimately, illegally and ingloriously created state, on the fake, flimsy and frivolous basis of religion, known as ‘Pakistan.’

Proverbially, hereditarily and manifestly courageous, brave and valiant Sindhis ought to be alongside their brilliant brothers and sisters of Balochistan and fighting hand-in-hand, shoulder-to-shoulder against the savages for securing their Freedom, Independence, Honour, Destiny, Independence and Survival! But alas! This is not happening – Sindhis are brave no more, Sindhis are ebullient no more, Sindhis are courageous no more!

Sindhis are not just physical slaves, enchained and fettered by the ugly occupiers of their Motherland, Sindh, but sadly their minds, hearts and souls have also been imprisoned, enclosed and mentally shackled by those who gate-crashed into sacred land of Sindh from the neighbouring streets, slums and gutters of India in 1947 and continually since then until this day!

Alas! The civilised, blessed, sacred and ancient Sindh, my Motherland, my Fatherland is Dead and gone!

Woebegone! My brave, beautiful, brilliant and bright Maaruunarraa (kindred folks) of my glorious, glittering, grand and great Maleer (Homeland) are no more my beloved kindred folks as they have wholly, totally, completely and comprehensively embraced the ignominy, ignorance and inglorious shame of their Masters!  

Brave Balochistan - We salute you and pay our humble homage to Shaheed
Nasir Daarzai and other evergreen and Heavenly Martyrs who had given their lives for the Freedom of their beloved Motherland, Balochistan!.

And, I am just a simple, humble and long-suffering son of Sindh,

Ahmed Makhdoom,
17th November 2013.

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