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A Bloch group seek help from India

A Bloch group seek help from India
On 18 May 2014, Mustikhan, on behalf of the AFB, issued a Press Release addressed to Modi:

Press Release

May 18, 2014

The Right Honorable
Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi
B.J.P. Head office
New Delhi.

Excellency Prime Minister Modi:

Please accept greetings from the American Friends of Balochistan on the landslide victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party and your election as leader of the world’s largest democracy.

Like India, there’s a wave of joy in the otherwise blood-soaked Balochistan over your triumph.

For quite too long the people of India have been held hostage by the rogue and terrorist state of Pakistan, which is also committing Hitler-style crimes in Balochistan.

The beasts of the past, who destroyed thousands of Hindu temples in India and massacred more than 80 million Hindus over the ages, are today playing a Holi of blood in Balochistan. Those beasts are symbolized by Pakistani military and intelligence services. They are resolved to bring down India by terroristic means and keep Balochistan under their military boots at the same time.

The war crimes and crimes against humanity  of Pakistan in Balochistan include burying Baloch freedom activists in mass graves, burying alive Baloch in coal tar, enforced disappearances, unbridled torture and burning down entire villages.

I call upon you to support, advocate and become a voice for the deployment of N.A.T.O. forces in Balochistan to replace the Pakistani occupation military there. You may also consider direct Indian military action, which will be fully supported by the freedom loving people of Balochistan.

Please do not hold any talks with Islamabad until and unless Pakistan unconditionally surrenders Dawood Ebrahim. The recent statements of Pakistan interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, in which he shamelessly supported Dawood Ebrahim, bares the jihadi mindset of the kitchen cabinet of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Instead, I urge you to hold direct and open talks with exiled Baloch freedom leaders in Europe.

I am confident your assumption of office would turn a new leaf in the blood checkered history of the South Asian subcontinent by ushering in an independent Balochistan, thus halving off the epicenter of global terrorism named Pakistan. May your ascendancy to office mark the dawn of a new era for India and Balochistan. May India and Indians live in peace.

Yesterday I called the B.J.P. head office in New Delhi to congratulate your party. On Monday, I will be most humbly offering Prasad (distributing sweets) at the Gandhi statue in Washington DC to celebrate your landslide victory.

Yours sincerely,

Ahmar Mustikhan (aka Baloch Dalai Lama)
Founder, American Friends of Balochistan
Washington DC
Email: ahmar_scribe@yahoo.com
Tel: 301-957-0008
twitter: @mustikhan

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