Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pakistan Army starts operation against TTP in Gilgit Baltistan- Diamar Valley

Pakistan Army starts operation against TTP in Gilgit Baltistan- Diamar Valley
GILGIT, Pakistan Army starts operation against TTP in Diamar Valley. Northern Pakistan: Pakistan Army military helicopters are busy in finding and killing terrorists as far as the lush green beautiful valley of Gilgit and Baltistan. Now operation against terrorists has been expanded to mountains of Diamer Valley. This is same place where Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) killed 12 foreign tourists last year. This Valley has been a perfect summer hideout of North Waziristani terrorists for the last 5 years but no action had ever been done against them because every time Chilas Jirga came to rescue terrorists whenever government tried to start action against them.
Chilas Jirga always got suspension of operation against terrorists from local administration and let terrorists to live and work in this dense forested valley. Majority of local officials has allegedly been supporting the cause of TTP that was also involved in cutting trees and selling them illegally with the alleged support of the Jirga.
TTP killed one Army Col and one SP Police last year. These two officials were working to find terrorists who killed tourists on Nanga Parbat trail. No operation in Diamar Valley was done even after the death of these two senior government officials of the security agencies. What was the reason and why government was not taking action in Chilas and Diamar valley? Nobody can answer this question except local administration. Local allegedly Jirga supports radical Islamisation in this area as thousands of Afghan Mujahideens settled in this area after 1979 Afghan-Russian Jihad.
Why Pakistan Army started operation in this area now?
Pakistan Army had credible information that TTP Jihadis left North Waziritsan and disappeared in Mansehra, Battle, Jangle Mangle Chilas, Babusar Top, Thak and Diamer Valley because Jihadi could not manage to run away inside Afghanistan this time due to strict security at Afghan border provided by US-Afghan forces on the request of the Pakistan Army. There is no doubt that many TTP members ran away to Afghanistan but not a big force could disappear in Afghanistan this time and Pakistan Army before starting operation ensured this leakage line.
On July 4, TTP attacked a police station in Darel Valley wearing army uniforms and took away arms, ammunition and police uniforms. They also directed policemen present in police station to leave government jobs and join TTP by offering them handsome salary package.
Now Pakistan Army is busy to find TTP members in dense forest of Thak Nullah that is at the left side of Babusar Top, Naran valley. This is the same place where TTP killed 30 bus passengers who were from Shia community of Gilgit Baltistan. Operation is also continue in Muspar Forest between Thak and Batogah Nullah.
Although Pakistan Army is keeping this operation low profile but locals of these areas confirmed that a full operation is on in forest and helicopters are also being used.

Pakistan Army starts operation against TTP in Diamar Valley

Two terrorists’ dens razed in Diamer shelling

Two suspected hideouts of terrorists were destroyed on Tuesday by the Pakistan Army gunship helicopters’ shelling in Diamer.
According to reports, the Pakistan Army launched an operation against suspected hideouts of terrorists in Mashko Forest of Diamer district, Gilgit Baltistan (GB), where terrorists killed 10 foreign tourists last year. Terrorists involved in Kohistan and Babusar tragedies, which claimed many lives, are also reportedly sheltering in Mashko forest.
Police, commandos and GB Scouts also participated in the operation, in which two hideouts were razed to the ground. It could not be ascertained if any terrorists were killed in the attack.
Sources said that the operation was launched on a request by the GB government, adding that two days back, terrorists attacked a police station in Dodoshal area, freed some “notorious” criminals and fled after snatching the policemen’s weapons.
Two terrorists’ dens razed in Diamer shelling | Pakistan Today

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